It IS a Chinese-virus; and it IS a Media-panic…with beyond-coincidence timing

Two facts that can’t be dismissed…

  1. It is a Chinese-originated flu virus (despite media deflection); and
  2. It is a Media-originated panic.

Call it conspiracy-theory if you will, but…

  • no American has stronger, deeper ties to China than Joe Biden-&-son;
  • no recession-hype rhetoric could slow down our Wall Street boom; and
  • no Democrat had a chance in November against the Trump economy.

Suddenly (?) we’re hit with a Chinese virus with its origins and initial infection rate there hidden from the world until too late to stop a global spread – and just so happens to…

  • Drive the Wall Street markets down to pre-Trump lows; and
  • bring the U.S. economy crashing down around our ears;
  • just as Joe Biden becomes the presumptive Democrat frontrunner…

…several months before a National election.

There’s conspiracy theory…and then there’s CONNECTING the DOTS.

(Where the FakeNews media and Democrats are concerned, we’re seeing dots.)

The good news?

Either way, American resolve will triumph – the only question…how soon?

The cruise ship Diamond Princess, with its earlier tribulations, may provide a clue.

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