Surrounded by IDIOTS….what part of ‘delay’ means DENY…?

As soon as Democrat Senators killed the latest House bill that funded the government but delayed the Obamacare individual mandate, Democrats wailed ‘compassion’…

…accusing ‘heartless’ Republicans of trying to stop Americans from getting healthcare.

HELLOOO! Delaying the individual mandate doesn’t stop anyone from signing up!!!

It just gives Americans some breathing room to decide whether they want to or not.

Isn’t there ANYONE in the GOP who can verbalize that message…?

Senate Democrats vote to screw the American people…

54 Senate Democrats and 2 Independents voted to kill the House bills that funded the federal govt and also provided for the delay or defunding of Obamacare.

So the Senate Democrats are on record as willing to shut down the federal government rather than giving individual Americans the same break Obama’s given businesses.

On record, as willing to disrupt government, rather than giving citizens a one year exemption from the law they passed, then demanded to be exempted from themselves.

What reasonable person doesn’t understand that giving politicians a right to be ABOVE the laws they force on the rest of Americans sets politicians apart as a Ruling Class?

Right-minded Democrats should be ashamed.

But then, that’s an oxymoron…if they were right-minded, they wouldn’t be Democrats.

Let the games continue…force Democrats to make the choice…

Sunday morning the House passed another continuing resolution bill defunding O’care, and Democrats immediately spun ‘shutdown rhetoric’ as being GOP-driven. But it’s not.

(And we remind the low-information crowd, per our Constitution, Article 1 Section 7: “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.”)

Now it’s on the Democrat-controlled Senate to pass it, or shutdown the government. And, per the Constitution, the Senate can “propose or concur with amendments”.

So let’s demand Senate Democrats honor the Constitution. If they don’t like the House version, force them to write an amendment that burdens citizens, then put it to a vote.

And, force them to explain why they so adamantly demand citizens be subject to the law’s mandate, but Big Business, and Democrats who voted for it, are given a pass?

Obama’s given waivers and exemptions to unions, and delayed enforcing the employer mandate, giving Businesses a break…now it’s time to give individual citizens a break.

We repeat our Sept 20 blog below…(and please, contact your Senator and demand they pass the House bill…links to them are provided below)…

It’s up to the GOP now to effectively reveal Senate Democrats as willing to shut down the government, rather than delaying the individual mandate threatening citizens.

Businesses facing threat of fines got off the hook for another year. If businesses can get a reprieve, American citizens should get the same courtesy from Obama & Democrats.

(Plus, as noted in an earlier blog, an employer-mandate 1-yr delay COSTS taxpayers $12bn; an individual-mandate delay SAVES taxpayers $35bn. No-brainer, right?)

Demand equal protection…call your Senators (in California, that would be Senators Boxer & Feinstein), and demand they support the House bill without changes.

And send a big THANKS to your GOP Congressman…they stuck up for the little guy.

If you’re unlucky enough to have a Democrat Congressman who didn’t, let them know how you feel about them giving Business a break…and giving you the shaft!

Another validation of our ‘Democrat180’ analysis…

In our ‘Interpreting Democrat’ese…the 180-degree solution’ blog of July 25, we note that anytime a Democrat makes a claim, look at it as being 180-degrees from reality.

We coined that as ‘Democrat180’-speak – their actions are opposite their claims.

In a ruthless description of how Obama & Democrats have brutalized the Middle Class, historian Victor Davis Hanson demonstrates the ‘Democrat180’ analysis with clarity.

They claim to champion the Middle Class, while tearing it asunder.

Will enough Americans awake to this by election-day, November 2014?

Have taxpayers paid for these fake accounts?

If companies can be penalized for arranging fake accounts, can’t Obama be penalized?

Obama’s fake Twitter account followers number almost 20 million.

New York’s attorney general has brought charges against 19 companies that organized the writing of fake ‘review’ internet accounts in an attempt to bash their competition.

What if fake Obama-follower Twitter accounts were orchestrated in the White House?

1) Any chance Attorney General Holder will charge the Obama administration?

2) Were American tax dollars used to build this huge Twitter façade?

You can bet NO charges will be brought…

…even though you can guaran-damn-tee tax dollars WERE used.

‘Panties-in-a-bunch’ crowd fail to get the point about defunding O’care…

No doubt many in the GOP leadership are sharpening their knives at this point.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz is holding the Senate floor as long as he can, to make sure every American willing to listen understands the totality of O’care implementation.

And headlines sprang up instantly when he compared naysayers of a ‘defund’ effort to the period appeasers and naysayers of the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and WWII.

Granted, the forces arrayed against defunding Obamacare are huge…

…and on balance, in a static ‘zero-sum’ situation the odds make defunding impossibile…

…but we’re not living in a vacuum on this issue…it’s not a ‘zero-sum’ situation.

Elections are held every two years; politicians bent on getting elected or re-elected know they have to answer to voters…look at the huge O’care backlash in Nov 2010.

Just recently, in the (overwhelmingly Republican) House, 2 Democrats joined the GOP to vote for a Continuing Resolution that had as an amendment defunding Obamacare.

They could have played it safe, marching in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats.

They didn’t. They voted ‘what’s right for America’, not what’s right for Democrats.

There are 20+ Senate Democrat seats on the ballot in 2014. Obamacare has never had a popular majority, 2010 election results loom large…Senate Democrats are nervous.

Senator Cruz’s message isn’t about appeasers it’s about dangers of Obamacare.

It’s about how it’s hurting America now, and will hurt America going forward. But of course, that’s not the message Democrats and the media want to get out.

They’ll hype the ‘Nazi appeaser’ headlines, hoping voters will ignore the real issue; that the law’s unpopular, unmanageable, and hurting the very people it’s supposed to help.

(Even the Democrats in Congress who passed the bill want to be exempted from it!)

And it’s a pity that GOP ‘leaders’ aid the media by getting their panties twisted over a smokescreen issue when much bigger problems should be front-and-center.

If not this way, then HOW? If not now, then WHEN? If not Republicans sent to Congress to protect Americans from bad law, then WHO?

And if they’re not in Congress to serve-&-protect Americans, then WHY are they there?

For those who say ‘not this hill’, BlueCollar reminds the GOP that it’s better to die standing and fighting, than to live kneeling. Besides, what’s the risk for them…?

Even if they lose their election…they get to keep THEIR healthcare!

How to deal with retiring IRS law-breakers…

News is out that the IRS senior official who helped orchestrate targeting conservatives will retire, and collect a cushy $50k/year taxpayer-funded pension as her reward.

She saw she was going to be fired, which would have voided collecting her pension. So she ‘retired’ before the Treasury Dept. could fire her. Timing is everything, it seems.

‘Innocent until proven guilty’, an honored concept, makes her pension untouchable.

But if found ‘guilty’ after she’s retired, BlueCollar suggests she be fined…

…at least $55k per year…for 30 years.

After all, another honored concept is punishment of those violating a public trust.

Have the Republicans finally crafted a ‘shell game’…?

GOP strategists agonizing over how to win this fight against O’care need to relax.

Democrats own the Senate…but 21 of them are up for re-election in 2014.

(That’s the soft under-belly the GOP should be positioning to target.)

With only 46 Republican senators, the best the GOP can do is show that Democrats are willing to join in lock-step support of O’care by voting to fund it (or refusing to defund it).

Everything else is kabuki theatre…at that point.

GOP Senators should vote for the House bill. If Obama’s Senate puppet Reid wipes out the defunding amendment, the GOP Senate should vote against that Democrat version.

Any Senate changes to the House’s bill forces the Senate version back to the House.

At that point the GOP has ammo to use against the 21 Democrat Senators in 2014, and the House can do what it needs to do as a budgetary end-game…which is…

…Speaker Boehner should then release individual Continuing Resolutions to fund the necessary government functions, with a separate HHS bill that defunds Obamacare.

There’s no rule that says it all has to be in one bill. At that point, if Democrat Senators still want to play ‘chicken’ with government funding, it’s on them…for all to see.

If Harry Reid and Democrats lump everything back into one bill…they’re then revealed as wanting it all…and as the ones willing to shut down the government to get their way.

Brilliant. A carefully crafted plan that exposes vulnerable ‘Obamacare Democrats’ in the Senate…AND puts them in the position of forcing a government shutdown.

Thus, following the plan BlueCollar laid out…in July.

Simple questions, to Liberals stressing over O’care defunding…

If a ‘law’ is so sacrosanct it must – at all costs – be enforced, why no angst over Obama refusing to enforce immigration, defense-of-marriage, or the employer mandate… ?

What’s the harm in delaying a faulty bill by defunding, when Obama and Democrats in Congress have done the same thing to O’care 19 times, some of it unlawfully?!?

How is it a Republican bill that funds every part of government BUT Obamacare is seen as a threat to shut down the government, but a Democrat all-or-nothing stance is not?

Be careful though…Liberals react violently when facts get in their way…