Paris ‘hot air’ climate talks impact environment worse than CO2 scams

The hot air blowing through the Paris climate talks will adversely affect the human population a lot more seriously than a bogus CO2 rise ever would.

First, the earth has seen CO2 levels 4-8 times and more than today’s level.

During the Jurassic period, T-Rex seemed okay with it. The Carboniferous period thrived on it, consuming massive amounts of CO2, resulting in luxurious plant life.

(That ‘plant life extravaganza’ came to a screeching halt as CO2 levels dropped.)

CO2 is critical to tree/plant growth…many greenhouses create CO2 mechanically to enhance plant growth. Our present era is suffering from low CO2 – not high levels.

We use ‘suffering’ judiciously: do you understand how well third-world nations would do if crops grew more quickly and abundantly? A higher CO2 level would save lives.

(And, by the way, you’re exhaling CO2 while you read this column.)

T-Rex didn’t drive a Hummer, Triceratops never used coal to generate electricity, and modern man wasn’t even yet a twinkle in the far-flung Millennium eye…

…so the 5X-higher-than-present CO2 levels (then) were a product of Nature.

And Nature thrived.

You can bet hot air blowing in Paris as world ‘leaders’ meet isn’t about rising CO2…

…it’s about lining the pockets of ‘green/warming/CO2 scamming‘ billionaires…

…and the political leadership in place to help them…for very generous reward.

Greed takes trillions from the economy, that could be used for better purposes.

Another bad crop in Sudan, North Korea, or Uzbekistan?

Blame Tom Steyer, George Soros, and your world leaders.

3rd-world babies may die from malnutrition, but billionaire frauds are sitting pretty.

Groups most crucial to Democrats winning elections are harmed most by Democrat policies

Fred Barnes notes that Democrat presidential hopefuls for 2016 are unusually focused on climate change, but doesn’t close the issue with logical observations.

Democrats are focused on climate change as causing all problems because they can’t talk about the real issues without shooting themselves in the foot.

But, climate change, as with pushing for open borders (including allowing Syrian refugees with jihadists among them to enter the USA) is just as thorny an issue.

Barnes reminds us who the crucial voter blocs are that remain most important for any Democrat success at the polls…but fails to note the irony involved.

So we will.

Those affected most by the high cost of Democrat ‘solutions’ with a proven non-issue like climate change are the voter blocs Democrats need to win at the polls…

…minorities, existing immigrants, and the poor. High energy costs hit them hardest, and the Democrat policies put in place…to ‘fight’ climate change…

drive energy costs through the roof.

And ‘open borders’, or the Syrian refugee issues?

How does flooding the American job market with yet more low-skilled, low-wage workers help our poor, our minorities or our existing immigrant population?

Yet, sadly, these same voter groups will troop to the 2016 polls and vote Democrat.


The media is more intent on getting Democrats elected than telling the true story.

And many of those voters cannot (or will not) think for themselves…

…even when logic and commonsense should prevail.

H-E-L-L-O…we don’t already have laws that forbid selling guns to terrorists?

Headline: “Dems push GOP to block gun sales for suspected terrorists”

If Republicans can’t drop this silly effort in the Democrats’ lap, they’re useless.

Seriously…is there anyone in America who thinks such a law doesn’t already exist?

Considering the nefarious tactics of this administration, wouldn’t we be better off passing a law against any more of their ‘Fast-&-Furious’ type gun-runner efforts?

As for a GAO report regarding guns sold to terrorists over the last 10 years, isn’t that the logical result when you know Obama’s Justice Dept fails to enforce gun laws?

(We wonder how many of those ‘2000 guns sold to terrorists’ over the last seven years were a result of Obama’s and Holder’s bizarre Fast-&-Furious program?)

C’mon Republicans…have a little fun and jam this silliness down their throats!

You better believe he’s not done shredding the Constitution…

Victor Davis Hanson has a great article today, rehashing Obama’s lawless trampling of America, and speculating how much more damage he’ll do by the end of his term.

Gentleman that he is, Mr. Hanson doesn’t mention one final rationale for Obama’s continuing meltdown the final 14 months…he’ll do anything to stir up black voters.

Failed Democrat policies and a lack of motivation could dampen their voter turnout.

Unspoken by most GOP pundits, one very real reason a Republican Congress has not taken actions against Obama’s Constitution-burning is they fear the backlash…

…letting Obama run wild is preferable to motivating the 90%-Democrat black voters.

Mr. Hanson may be too well-mannered to say it, but BCP tells it as it is.


What…Democrats need to get out the 2016 vote? Quick…cue the Blinions…

Minions are the lovable little fuzzballs eager and willing to serve fumbling masters.

Bluecollar has coined a new term, reflecting a similar phenomena.

‘Blinions’ are the lovable black voters, eager and willing to vote for their Democrat failed leaders, whose policies further marginalize and impoverish their followers.

Those who protest the comparison should re-read the minion definition, then re-visit the statistics on recent black unemployment, poverty levels, and failed cities/states.

Then, if they still protest, it’s a telltale sign…they’re undeterred Blinions.

(Most vocal of the Blinions are its Black-Lives-Matter crowd, used to keep the unrest going for the next 11 months, until the 2016 national election polls are closed.)

…and, the problem with those ‘peaceful’ in the religion…?

When 13% of Muslims have a ‘favorable’ view of al-Qaeda, one may see a problem.

Mouthing platitudes over the peaceful among them means nothing if those who are indeed peace-loving nevertheless see nothing wrong with a jihad now and then.

As pointed out in NRO, Obama’s assertion ‘99.9% of Muslims don’t support terror’ is a flat out lie when the polling of Muslim countries clearly reflects otherwise.

That polling showed only 57% had an unfavorable view of al-Qaeda.

You know…the guys who go to ‘work’ wearing homicide-bomber vests?

The Muslim population in America is estimated at anywhere from 3-to-6 million. Does anyone realize that a ‘13% favorable’ view of al-Qaeda applied to them means…

…400,000 to 800,000 Muslims here fondly support terror, potentially?

But let’s be fair – cut that average ‘favorable’ polling to 3%…feel better, knowing it’s only 90,000 to 180,000 Muslims residing in the U.S.…who cheer, on Sept. 11th?

(That’s in the area of 2,700 terror-supporters per American state!)

Now, consider how many Muslims answered that global poll honestly…cuz, lest you missed it, 57% unfavorable and 13% favorable leaves 30% u-n-d-e-c-i-d-e-d.

These numbers reveal the Democrat ‘terrorism doesn’t reflect Islam’ lie.

And such is the danger, of an Obama ‘99.9%’ L-I-E.

‘Bad math’…or deceptive leadership? Either way, the numbers are scary.

There’s nothing this guy won’t lie about, even to make Americans look bigoted

Obama’s recent ‘this is not who we are’ lie about stopping the immigration process for Syrian refugees, to deter terrorists, is just the latest in a long line of ‘BHOullcrap’.

As pointed out yesterday, in 2011 Obama stopped the Iraq refugee program for six months when the FBI realized terrorists were gaming the process to get in the USA.

Every claim Obama makes is proven a lie, from bogus economic recovery claims to global warming to jobless rates…and now, to subjecting us to stealth jihad.

Why would a U.S.president deliberately make Americans out to look bigoted, racist?

We have every right to demand the most effective national security possible. It’s a proven fact that terrorists are using the refugee process to get across borders.

Bigoted, Racist? No, we’re not…

…but the present occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave sure seems to be!

Even worse, his failure to act arguably caused the Syrian refugee crisis. So here’s a ‘leader’ who causes a problem, then castigates Americans over justifiable concerns.

As William Kristol notes, this is pure Liberal Sanctimony...

…whether it’s deliberate or not must be left to his Judgment Day.