Hoaxing, writ large…& deadly; deserving of a reckoning – and that, right soon

On the ‘pandemic’ hoax and its perpetrators, Candace Owens said

“Fauci (and others) need to be tried and put into Federal prison. (They) ruined millions of lives, via depression, bankruptcy, suicide…he and many others have taken part in the Crime of the Century…”

They lied, and still lie…about when, where, and how WuFlu started.

They lied, and still lie, about case counts, death counts, and cause of death.

They lied, and still lie, about effective medication and treatments; they lie about best prevention measures; and, even now, they lie about ‘vaccine’ efficiencies.

Loved ones have died unnecessarily…and alone; masses of humanity have been traumatized and panicked; rights have been trampled – all for means of control…

…over YOU.

Damn right they need to be held accountable.