‘Treatment must be denied, Obamacare not affordable’…Gruber-gate gifts that keep on giving

Obamacare architect Gruber wrote a policy paper in 2009 admitting that costs couldn’t be controlled, and the only way to try controlling costs was to deny treatments.

(Page 19) “The real substance of cost control is all about a single thing: telling patients they can’t have something they want.” (bold emphasis added)

(Page 22) “…the bills that will come out of this (Obamacare) process in the end won’t do a whole lot about cost control…” (bold emphasis added)

The ‘Affordable Care Act’ is not affordable…and was never meant to be.



Self-fulfilling bloodletting…why is it still legal?

When an industry’s tagline is ‘if it bleeds it leads’, is it any surprise there will be blood?

Responsible journalism is sacrificed on the altar of ratings and agenda; that section of American society, wanting to be misled and seething to be enflamed, fall for the result.

Tragically, so do the police fall, killed in the line of duty…in rising numbers.

Increasingly, agenda-edited news reports hide the complete story, to drive emotions.

Proposed ‘truth in advertising’ laws criminalize image-altering techniques. In a ‘Nation of Laws’, shouldn’t there be one in effect, that penalizes a manipulating news media

…when their image-altering lies result in increased violence against our police?

Or has America devolved to the point where it’s okay cops die, so ratings thrive?

Just asking…

What’s wrong with debating ideas from a full GOP field?

Already the articles begin about the 2016 presidential hopefuls in the GOP.

Some want fewer primary candidates, some say the more the merrier.

The good news is there are a lot of serious people who can help with the weighty issues of the day, if they engage in debate with intelligence, candor, brevity, and good will…

…and begin by declaring they will support our U. S. Constitution…not trample it.


Proud to speak her name…Sarah Palin (Updated)

The Weekly Standard has a thoughtful article by its boss Bill Kristol, who writes of the nineteen men and one woman seemingly poised for a presidential run in 2016.

One woman?

Carly Fiorina is a very capable woman, and, let’s face it, compared to Obama, a woman sent from Kelly Girls as a filing-clerk temp would probably do a better job than he has.

There are other women who deserve mention, such as New Mexico’s governor Susana Martinez, and Arizona’s governor Jan Brewer…extremely capable women in leadership.

Yet, when it comes to enraging the Left, one name stands head-and-shoulders above.

So, why exclude Sarah Palin from the list? If one judges who opponents fear most by the attacks against them, nobody sends Democrats into a frenzy like Sarah Palin.

Though many would try to invoke ‘baggage’ as a slam against her, can anyone really say such construct slams are in any way more damning than Obama’s relationships with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, or “God damn America” Rev. Jeremiah Wright?

Palin is a fighter, and her conservative stand in defense of our Constitution is admirable.

She was the 2008 Vice Presidential candidate, before that serving as a mayor, then governor…certainly more qualifying than a neurosurgeon, or business executive?

If Sarah Palin has a background that withstands the Left’s severe scrutiny, we urge her to throw her hat into the ring, gather her beloved family into a defensive ‘kill circle’

…and break out the brass knuckles.

Because, if it’s time for a woman president, America needs a fighter…

…Sarah Palin has proven she qualifies.

(Update adds links to Ayers and Wright)

The inevitable result when a pollster smokes whacky tobaccy

The Washington Examiner advises Zogby gives Obama’s report card an ‘A’ this week…

…as a Gallup poll says only 23% of Americans are happy with the way things are going.

Race demagoguery fueled by Obama has incited anti-cop sentiment throughout the Nation, arguably causing several police officers their lives while he vacations Hawaii.

In the shadow of this disgrace, one good GDP report has sent Zogby swooning.

Considering the Obama administration’s penchant for cooking the economic books, we suggest this pollster may be spending way too much money in Colorado pothouses…

…because only a marijuana-high could make one say Obama “had a great week”.

For black race-baiters, vilifying police is easier than self-examination

When over 6200 blacks are killed every year, and the 200 that die at the hands of police become the big story, it begs the question…why focus on 3%, rather than the 97%?

If ‘black lives matter’, why don’t Sharpton and Obama address the real problem within?

Is it because there’s no money or satisfaction in marching against the REAL problem?

Sure, why not let a government worker change your health plan?

Seems the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services wants to pick your plan for you, if you don’t make the effort to go to healthcare.gov and renew annually.

They’ll make the choice without knowing anything about you or your medical needs.

And, they’ll do that after the open enrollment period has ended…those affected will be stuck with that plan for a year. No big deal, we love higher out-of-pocket costs, right?

Yeah…what could possibly be wrong with govt employees choosing your plan for you?

Rand Paul steps in it, channeling the Appeaser-in-Chief on Cuba

Question: What happens when Mr. Rogers is used as a foreign policy consultant?

Answer: Feel-good policies that ignore everything wrong with nations under scrutiny.

Stephen Hayes writes a great article about why Rand Paul (and Obama) are wrong on a ‘Cuba re-set’ policy, that using North Korea and Iran as diplomatic examples fails.

But curiously, Mr. Hayes forgets to mention one very important factor…


…a lesson John F. Kennedy faced in October, 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Cuba is approximately 90 miles off America’s coast, and vows to remain Communist. To disrupt and threaten the USA, they eagerly welcomed Soviet nuclear missiles then…

…it’s no stretch to predict they would welcome Iran’s ‘human missiles’ now.

That’s a neighborhood even Mr. Rogers would have refused to accept.

The poet Robert Frost wrote ‘good fences make good neighbors’…but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and Communist Cuba will not ‘roll over’ for Paul and Obama.

BlueCollar suggests STRONG walls for bad neighbors.

By his standards, sanctions aren’t ‘working’ against Iran…do we normalize relations with terrorists?

“After all, these 50 years have shown that isolation has not worked.”

From Congress, to immigration, to Cuba…Obama applies a curious definition of ‘working’ when he decides to unilaterally change the laws governing policy.

By his standards, ‘working’ means…achieving the results HE wants to achieve.

Obama’s spent billions fighting jihadists his way the last 6 years…it’s not working.

By his standard then, soon he’ll be hosting a White House dinner for them.