$1.3bn more reasons for a post-election November impeachment

‘Felonious’ is too kind a word for Obama’s funding spigot to terror-state Iran.

A vote for Democrats is an endorsement of this illegal act.

That said, win-lose-or-draw, post election this GOP Congress better do their job. We said it 2 weeks ago, we say it now – impeach Obama, or lose all credibility.

To not impeach adds THEIR endorsement to Obama’s illegal act.

In which case, then, who needs a Republican Party?

Hey, America’s poor…who loves ya, baby? (Hint: it’s not who you think)

When the mid-’60’s Democrat War on Poverty began, there were about 28 million living at or below the poverty level; over 14% of the total population in the USA.

There are approx. 47 million living at/below the poverty level in the United States today…over 14% of the total population in the USA as of 2016.

50 years later, the same poverty level? That’s a pretty pathetic War.

Combined, state & federal agencies spend $1trillion annually on poverty programs.

That represents $21,277 spent on each poverty-level-designated individual.

The HHS Poverty Guidelines for 2016, per individual? $11,880. (For families, then add $4160 for each additional family member. E.g., family of 5 = $28,440.)

Think about it – federal and state agencies spend over $21,277 annually for EACH individual rated at the poverty level…that’s $106,383 for that family of 5…

…which means we’re spending $106k to raise a sub-$28k family out of poverty…

…and failing miserably to do so, since the poverty level % hasn’t decreased.

Looked at another way: we’re spending $21.3k…failing to get a person to $11.9k.

In this War on Poverty, the only winners are fatcats in the Poverty Industry.

Who pays a financial planner $106k so they can LOSE $28k a year?

Who can be proud of an America that can’t solve an $11.9k problem…

…with a $21.3k solution?

(And, if a Republican offers a solution to really fix the poverty problem? Democrats rant of heartless, greedy intent…cowed Republicans stay silent, idiocy continues.)

This isn’t a ‘War on Poverty’…

…it’s a War on Common Sense…and on the American taxpayer.

But, hey, poor Americans – keep voting Democrat…’cuz it’s working so well for ya.

Never mind ‘lately’…what have Democrats done for blacks AT ALL?

We’ve said it before…

Democrats have had a stranglehold on Congress for over 65% of the time since the ’50’s, yet black Americans still suffer despite their 90%+ Democrat voter support.

The only time in recent memory they’ve done well economically was during the eight Reagan years, and when Republicans briefly controlled Congress in the late ’90’s.

So, when Trump says ‘why not vote for me?’…black Americans should think hard.


Will the Wikileaks founder beat Hillary to the Nov finish line…or die trying?

Anyone who knows the Clintons knows the body count around them is legend.

Hearing of an attempt to break into the Ecuadorian embassy in London begs the question: was the attempt aimed at the assassination of Assange…

…or a veiled threat that he should ‘cease and desist’ his efforts aimed at Hillary?

The Wikileaks founder sought asylum at the embassy…is it to become his crypt?

He’s promising staggered releases of more damaging Hillary Clinton emails before the November election…revelations that could torpedo her presidential aspirations.

We wish Mr. Assange the best of luck, and a long life…

…but fervently hope he’s backed up the info he intends to release…offsite.

(Because when a Clinton is involved…

…even a foreign embassy building might go up in smoke.)

For the Democrat minimum-wage hike, ‘well-meaning’ and ‘mean-spirited’ are identical twins

Study after study reveals raising the minimum wage adversely affects the very poor and low-income workers Democrats pretend to be so concerned about.

With few exceptions, they know the effect such a policy has, but don’t care so long as it makes them look good, and gets the voter turnout such lies inevitably achieve.

Empirical evidence shows unrealistic minimum wage hikes hurt the most vulnerable.

Politicians know this and don’t care…

…to label such despicable tactics as well-meaning is a lie.

NY Times provoking rioting with false ‘unarmed man shot’ headline?

If you can be jailed for provoking panic by yelling ‘fire’ in a movie theater…

…then NY Times publishers should be jailed for provoking riots and violence.

Fleeing from a crime while armed, that individual was shot. Seems the NY Times is that desperate to feed a narrative that gets blacks to the November voting booth.

Their headline said ‘unarmed’, but the story admits the criminal shot was armed.

Is it any wonder there was unrest in Milwaukee after that headline appeared?

Any wonder, what they will do to get their Democrat cohort elected in November?



Invoking the ‘i’ word…Post-election gut-check time for Republican Congress

One reason a GOP Congress hasn’t pushed to impeach Obama and his cronies for illegal acts (funding Iran terrorism, etc) – why stir up Democrat voting in November?

All the polls indicate the Democrat electorate is depressed…why stimulate turnout?

So, as much as we scorn the gutless in Congress, we must acknowledge that the first priority of elected officials is normally to do whatever they can to get re-elected.

That said, in November, we anticipate a surly American electorate will make their voices heard, and throw out the Democrat policymakers causing the problem.

Then, as soon as the Nov. election dust settles, articles of impeachment should be introduced by the House, to punish those who funded an Iranian terror machine.

Hands Up – Don’t…Trump…???

In a Nation where the ruling Party dominates news coverage in the months before a presidential election, by trumpeting their economic and foreign policy successes…

…the media focuses overwhelmingly on…attacking the challenger?

Rush Limbaugh delivers a powerful, irrefutable indictment of this phenomenon.

Two takeaways from this:

  1. The Democrats CAN’T run on their record over the last 7.5 years, and
  2. The media – once again – proves its lapdog status…

…by attacking the challenger…instead of the failure.

Worse, the media attacks Trump with fantasy news memes.

Hands Up – Don’t Shoot! never happened in Ferguson Missouri, and Sarah Palin never said she saw Russia from her porch, but the news media won’t tell you that.

And, it’s the worst economic recovery in 70 years, foreign policy is a tragic joke, and law enforcement’s being thrown into the grinder in order to stir up Democrat voters…

…but for the Liberal media…it’s Hands Up – Don’t Trump!

Can it get any more bizarre?


Will HONEST Democrats accept felonious multi-million$$ payoffs to Iran?

As noted in previous posts, the highest priority of a Nation is protecting its citizens.

So, when they know Iran continues to be a listed terror-state, how does any honest Democrat accept $400 million dollar payoffs to Iran…let alone nuclear deals?

Andrew McCarthy does great laying out the felonious acts Obama has committed.

We’re not sure what’s worse…

…a Democrat Party and its lapdog media that okays such treasonous acts…

…or a Republican Congress silently (and cowardly) acquiescing.

Either way, America’s national security is being threatened.

This could be stopped, but for fears of impeaching the first black president.

Cowardice…thy name is ‘Republican’.

Obama’s administration has, in deed, transformed our Constitution’s Preamble:

We, the Liberals of the United States, in order to form a more one-sided Union, selectively establish justice, trample domestic Tranquility, scorn the common defense, re-define the General Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberalism to ourselves and our Posterity…

And, come November, Democrats have two choices…

…hold their noses, and vote Republican…

…or continue voting Democrat and invest in more terrorist training camps.