Will the Wikileaks founder beat Hillary to the Nov finish line…or die trying?

Anyone who knows the Clintons knows the body count around them is legend.

Hearing of an attempt to break into the Ecuadorian embassy in London begs the question: was the attempt aimed at the assassination of Assange…

…or a veiled threat that he should ‘cease and desist’ his efforts aimed at Hillary?

The Wikileaks founder sought asylum at the embassy…is it to become his crypt?

He’s promising staggered releases of more damaging Hillary Clinton emails before the November election…revelations that could torpedo her presidential aspirations.

We wish Mr. Assange the best of luck, and a long life…

…but fervently hope he’s backed up the info he intends to release…offsite.

(Because when a Clinton is involved…

…even a foreign embassy building might go up in smoke.)

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