Random thoughts on the (we believe) still-developing electoral scene…

Many are disheartened by recent events, for a variety of reasons…not least of which include integrity of elections, and integrity of those involved in the election process.

There appears to be malfeasance afoot, on a grand scale, and those voting in support of Pres Trump’s reelection are disgusted and frustrated by the acts of perpetrators…

…and by the curious almost accepting demeanor of their champion.

Speculating on a wide range of political issues with God knows how many multiple levels of alternatives, BlueCollar has been wrong as many times as right…

…but on this current scenario, we’re of the belief that all is not as it seems.

Pres Trump is a master at staging the scene; a master at keeping the Left hand in the dark as to what the Right hand is doing; a genius at coordinating multi-level operations.

We believe the curtain has not yet been drawn on the Last Act.

Watching a 90’s movie starring Michael Douglas as ‘The American President’ it occurs to us that it’s not about which Party a President represents…it’s about how that office conducts itself with integrity and decency…the American Way. Americans want the magnificence of a Presidential leader to be an embodiment of integrity and decency.

BlueCollar believes wholeheartedly in that desire, and believes that the American public-at-large feels that way too…including Pres Trump – that said, we know this…

…he won’t go silently into the night.

(And stories of Special Forces ‘sting’ operations in overseas locations DURING the election process, as well as – most recently – during the Capitol protest march on Dec 6, tells us to Stay Tuned – the curtain is still up; this drama hasn’t yet played out.)

(Postscript: We wonder if tech media & FakeNews heavyweights realize the consequences of AIDING & ABETTING…?)

3 thoughts on “Random thoughts on the (we believe) still-developing electoral scene…

  1. Pelosi is in panic because her lap top was stolen wednesday, I wonder whats on that laptop?

  2. The recent black ops in particular will prove enlightening. I’d love to see what he’s looking for on those Congressional laptops.

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