‘Beware a man who has nothing to lose’

Can’t find who said that first, but it applies with President Trump now.

Democrats have shown themselves to be relentless attacking him over these last four years, giving no respect to the office of President…they always attack what they fear.

But there’s a catch.

They aren’t the only Party capable of gathering information against their opponents, and in his position, President Trump has had that same capability…and that scares them.

Knowledge is power.

Given the relentless nature of his enemies, the President knows they will only make it worse for him if/when he becomes a private citizen – he has only one defense…

…a full-frontal attack.

He and his family are Ground Zero – what’s he got to lose?

(And the Nation just demonstrated he’s got roughly 80 million Americans behind him, especially with evidence that Big Tech & Liberals are targeting them for a take-down.)

The next 7 days may prove very…interesting.

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