State Legislatures – you can’t go wrong following the Constitution…& obeying your OATH

Best idea yet on how VP Pence should deal with this Electoral snafu on Jan 06, when he presides over the senate to consider and count the electoral votes from states…

…demand that contested state legislatures specify which set of electors from those states satisfy Constitutional requirements, as designated per Article II, Section 1.2.

“One of President Trump’s campaign attorneys suggested Monday that Vice President Mike Pence delay certifying the elections results for Joe Biden when Congress convenes Wednesday and instead ask legislatures in the six states where results have been contested to clarify which candidate’s slate of electors should be approved.”

The states in question violated the Constitution, appointing electors while changing the election process without approval of the legislatures within those states. Legislators then submitted the vote from their selected electors, creating a conflicting result.

Jenna Ellis, a Trump attorney, said “What Mike Pence could do…what he should do…is to direct a question back to the state legislatures when there are two competing slates of delegates from these six states, he can ask that question to the states and say, ‘well, state legislators, you know, I have an oath to the Constitution to uphold the Constitution as written in Article II Section 1.2 which says the state legislatures direct the manner in which electoral delegates are selected. So you tell me which of these two slates was selected in the manner that your state general assembly has designated…'”

This is exactly what his oath, and every legislator’s oath, requires…

…that they uphold our U.S. Constitution.

Anything less is a violation of their office.

Anything less disenfranchises 75 million HONEST votes.

Despite what FakeNews would have you believe, there is an overwhelming abundance of evidence that fraudulent activities occurred…video, audio, and sworn affidavits…that, when factored in with illegal mail-in ballots, reveals Trump won those states handily.

Open message to anti-Trump’ers…

…deliberately ignoring evidence doesn’t mean the evidence isn’t there.

State legislators…OBEY-YOUR-OATH-OF OFFICE…


2 thoughts on “State Legislatures – you can’t go wrong following the Constitution…& obeying your OATH

  1. Oaths mean less than nothing to our “representatives.” As long as they keep their ticket to ride the gravy train.

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