It’s way past time for Justices & Legislators to obey their SWORN OATHS…

Do they really need this reminder?

Legislators & Supreme Court Justices swore to ‘uphold & defend’ the U. S. Constitution in their oath of office.


To pretend otherwise is bunk. When very basic Constitution principles like rule-of-law & election integrity are violated, they can’t dodge issues out of fear of being political – they must obey their sworn oath.

For the Supreme Court, it’s not about ‘picking losers & winners’…it’s about upholding constitutional guidelines. Decide on legalities, then send it to legislators to do THEIR job.

Open message to legislators and justices: This ain’t dodge-ball, people…it’s what you’re elected to do.

P.E.R.I.O.D…end of discussion.

With clear, irrefutable evidence of election/voter fraud, illegally changed voting rules that usurped plenary state legislative powers, & videos of wrongdoing, it’s impossible to give legislators & Supreme Court justices any wiggle room for not wanting to uphold the Constitution THEY SWORE TO UPHOLD.

Find a spine, you gutless wimps.

6 thoughts on “It’s way past time for Justices & Legislators to obey their SWORN OATHS…

  1. This headline is absurd. Of course its time…but there’s no mechanism to force these people to obey their oaths…so…?

  2. Every American thinks this!
    But the Murdock et al Globalist Controlled Media is not on America’s side.
    It is not helping to spread unity and Patriotism!
    It is in service to the collection of misfits, perverts, liars, traitors, criminals, foreign powers that the Globalist want in power, which are easily controlled and manipulated…and whose job is….to destroy America!

  3. It is Time to Arrest the Offenders, Convict them and Publicly Execute all Politicians and justices involved in Stealing our Elections and country from us.

  4. ‘Execute’ may be going a bit too far, but definitely prosecute and impose steep sentences for high crimes against the American citizenry and the U.S. Constitution would definitely be in order.

  5. Absurd? I think not. Obvious? Definitely. As for mechanisms to force obeying an oath, there are several we can think of immediately: elections, recalls, and impeachment.

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