EO ALERT! Focus on Dec 18…the day an election interference report comes out

As American Thinker’s Andrea Widburg notes: “The director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, will be issuing his report on December 18.  If there really is provable massive fraud or foreign interference, the election cannot stand.”

Remember, the President issued an executive order (EO) in 2018, focusing on election integrity and domestic/foreign interference that might have subverted said integrity.

As we noted in our Nov. 14th blog regarding that EO…

“(it)…calls for (among other things) asset seizures of ANY entity (directly or indirectly) involved in ANY & ALL aspects of that activity…Dominion & Scytl voting systems involved in alleged 2020 election malfeasance are FOREIGN-OWNED corporations! If they’ve uncovered malfeasance involving these voting systems…& it sure sounds that way…it casts an exec. order wide net, that ensnares politicians, billionaires, Tech Giants, & media at the very least…funders, backers, censors, and propagandists alike.” 

If the evidence is overwhelming, a Nat’l emergency declaration is even possible, if state legislature Republicans are too spineless to do their job and appoint their own electors.

It ain’t over, til the Evidence sings.

And that evidence is piling up, on voting machines with suspect software, and video…as well as fake ballots, illegal ballots, and dead voters who incredibly came back to life.

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “EO ALERT! Focus on Dec 18…the day an election interference report comes out

  1. It’s always “wait until [INSERT ANY DATE] and it’s gonna pop!” And nothing ever happens but anothe RINO…or the MSM…or the corrupt FBI help the Dems stab America in the back again….

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