The ‘shrinking violet’ pose is NOT a flattering look for the Supreme Court…but that’s not the endgame

Beyond BIZARRE…we have 1 political party that cares not a whit about the U.S. Constitution or what’s best for America, and in concert with its Legislative cohort, is willing to lie, cheat, hoax, subvert, and commit treason against the Executive branch…

…and the Judicial branch won’t act out of fear of ‘encroaching’ on another political branch of government?


How about the concept of Course Correction

…Rule of Law…

…or (dare we say it?) Election INTEGRITY.

Americans are fed up with high-brow elitism, legal double-talk, and lofty condescension.

75 million of us see the fraud being committed IN PLAIN SIGHT and demand one simple thing…

Course Correction.


That said, anyone even remotely aware of the President’s actions over the last 4 years knows he’s all about the American people, and any anxiety over Supreme Court weak-knees should be curtailed.

Even the President – who’s been the target, the victim, of this election fraud – wants the PEOPLE to decide the election…which means he prefers state legislatures (the people’s representatives) be the final arbiters, in those battleground states where obvious fraud and other criminal conduct occurred.

President Trump is fine with the Supreme Court deciding legal issues, but doesn’t want them in the position of deciding the election.

‘Standing’ may have been a weak dodge, but it doesn’t change his equation. And that equation puts those State Legislators under the spotlight, to do what they are ELECTED to do – serve the will of We, the People.

Stay strong…75 million voices are a powerful motivator.

Trust 45.

10 thoughts on “The ‘shrinking violet’ pose is NOT a flattering look for the Supreme Court…but that’s not the endgame

  1. “Trust 45” isn’t the issue. He’s out of cards to play. There will be no martial law…that’s not even (genuinely) in the running. The SCOTUS and all the lauded Conservative majority screwed the American people.

  2. The SCOTUS decision in the Texas case demonstrates that the court is more interested in preserving political correctness than protecting the union of the states.

    Ruling that Texas – and a growing number of other states in the union – has no standing and cannot raise criminal complaints regarding illegal and unconstitutional actions of any other states in the union, is judicial misconduct.

    The actions of the lawbreakers directly determined the outcome of a national election affecting all the member states. In its decision, SCOTUS has abdicated its vital responsibility to preserve law and order in the United States of America and has ruled in favor of the individual lawbreakers.

    This matter before SCOTUS is no different than criminal complaints raised by individual citizens against private citizen or illegal immigrant lawbreakers that threaten the welfare of fellow citizens and the preservation of law and order. In effect, the SCOTUS has determined that unconstitutional and illegal actions by certain individual members of the United States are immune from prosecution. SCOTUS thus condones the lawbreaking and unconstitutional actions.

  3. The Supreme Court basically held that states can commit massive election fraud and no government body outside the state can do anything about it. A precedent for the easy takeover of a state by tyranny.

  4. If SCOTUS fails to intercede in this farcical election, we will be CUBA or Venezuela in another decade. The number of dead voters, law violations and illegal activities reported (and ignored by Democratic Judges) is embarrassing to say the least. If the Democrats get away with this, there will never be another fair election in America.

  5. I think SCOTUS made a political decision, not a legal one , when they refused to hear the Texas case. They are all afraid of the liberal media, and the elites in Washington.

  6. It has come down to whether the President intends to do his duty, whatever is necessary to defend & protect the constitution as per his oath of office.

    Far too long now, the American people have confused Trump’s willingness to stand up for America & her people with him actually fighting, which he has never done. He has advocated for us & worked like hell on our behalf, confronted the media & the establishment, tweeted to communicate while they allowed it. He even held rallies & performed whirlwind tours.

    But so far he hasn’t fought, not ever, not once, not the CIA, NSA, DHS, DOD, FBI, DOJ, FISA Courts, big tech, Wall Street. Truth be told, The President hasn’t struck a single blow, not a lick. He adopted a hands-off policy deferring to Barr & Durham, refused to fire Sessions, refused to act as his own Attorney General, refused to appoint special prosecutors.

    Trump has always played by the rules & against all odds & as he thought best. We all see where that has taken us. This election fraud is blatant, so outrageous one hardly knows where to begin, which appears to be of no import since no one seems willing, or able to do anything about it.

    The question now is does Trump finally then have the will as well as the wherewithal to do his duty to protect & defend the constitution? Will he finally fight? Has he a contingency plan? Does he know, if the military will follow, do their duty? Can he isolate the Joint Chiefs, the DOD? Is he prepared to meet violence in the street, innate mass arrests of big tech titans & their employees, Wall Street’s board rooms, the media broadcasters, take control of network and cable broadcasting stations?

    Trump has managed to awaken & unite a vast majority of America’s people, his supporters. Will he find the personal commitment, courage & dedication to mobilize & utilize them? Or will he allow America to be forever lost?

    What is the President waiting for? The only realistic course of action is an executive assumption of emergency powers, a declaration of martial law under national emergency due to an attempted coup replete with foreign interference. Invoke the Insurgency Act of 1807. Invoke Executive Orders # 13848 & 13849 dated 9/12/18.

    The courts can’t & won’t save the President. The best possible court outcome would have been for the Supreme Court to declare the election invalid due to rampant illegality & send it to Congress where the GOP would have almost certainly betrayed the President & the republic, still again. A blind man can see that much. No matter, as the Supreme Court refused to hear the case as a matter of political convenience, due to political considerations and not as a matter of evidence and law.

    Realistically, now there are only two options:

    1) Cede the republic to Biden/Sanders/Democrats/Soros & alt left Progressives/Wall Street titans & Silicone Valley’s Big Tech Masters of the Universe/China supremacy/dominance. Or, in the alternative,

    2) Take charge. Issue a decree of martial law, a national state of emergency due to an international plot & attempted coup to take over America.

    The nation would prefer Trump in a third world, general’s uniform, with a mustache & a riding crop under his arm to Biden & this globalist partnership with China. The President has the support of a large majority of the American people, if only he will act, if only he will mobilize them.

    Rip this class of ruling elites right out of their offices for detention under suspicion of treason. Temporarily suspend, habeus corpus under martial law. Seize control of all media outlets, network & cable broadcasting. Consolidate complete control over all communications & then address the nation.

    I say again: there are only two possible options. It’s either President Trump, or Biden. The people want Trump. Stop the steal of our election, the republic & our choice for President. Why doesn’t Trump act?

  7. Probably Trump`s biggest failings in his term as president were his appointments. I understand he didn`t know the players very well and relied on advisors and input from the traitor McConnell but come on. You couldn`t make this many bad choices if you tried.

  8. My belief is that judges and pols are afraid to oppose Democrats on big issues.
    Remember arkancide? This is the only thing that explains things like the SCOTUS refusing to hear the vote fraud issue despite a mountain of evidence.

  9. It was far more than 75 million who voted for Trump. The “error” in the Dominion machines was shifting over a quarter of Trump’s votes to Biden. Trump won the election 60/40 with at least 90 million votes.

  10. Actually, the President isn’t ‘out of cards to play’…because, if evidence of foreign interference and election fraud is available, he can – among other things – invoke his 2018 EO regarding those criminal-&-nat’l-security violations, declare a Nat’l Emergency based on such SOLID EVIDENCE, and let the chips fall. Other avenues are also open, including the state legislatures in affected battleground states sending their slate of electors. It then goes to the House, and each state gets one delegate based on political majority, which means some 29 states (that are Republican-dominated) getting one vote.

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