Chill Republicans…who better to fight these entrenched election fraudsters? (UPDATED)

(For JD…and the millions of Americans who feel like he does.)

Stop listening to media and Democrat politicians; shrug off Tech Giant censors…

…they’ve got a vested interest in your 2020 election demotivation because THEY are the ones who defrauded Americans every election cycle up to, and including, now.

Stop driving yourself crazy with what-if scenarios, and let the master do his thing.

Russian collusion? Trump fought accusers to a standstill, and exposed THEIR Russia collusion. Ukraine improprieties? Trump fought accusers to a standstill, and exposed THEIR Ukraine improprieties. Everyone does see the pattern here, right?

For decades, Democrats have honed their election-fraud skills. You can’t even begin to imagine how many elections were stolen from the deserving, through their chicanery. (Of course, always aided and abetted by the media and corporate Bigs.)

Frustrating? Of course. Maddening? Sure. Outraged? Me too. But, think…is there any other Republican you would want fighting this fight? Anyone? A-N-Y-O-N-E?

So, stop fretting over the uncontrollable, fire up the popcorn, and break out a cold one, ‘cuz over the next several weeks you’re gonna be on the 50-yard line of a Big Event.

This is the Fantasy Super Bowl of political showdowns, and we couldn’t ask for a better quarterback to run the play-by-play on the field, than this President…Donald J Trump.

He won’t let you down…you can bet he’ll leave everything on the field.

It’s roothog or die (as Louis L’Amour used to say): when it comes to slugging it out, who better to fight for you than this man…with a track record of success that demonstrates his willingness to take everything they’ve got…and give it back – in spades?

They’ve let their hatred and contempt for this President drive them to election-fraud  machinations of insanely huge proportion: a hill they may well die on in a few weeks.

It’s a fight that must be fought now, by this man, to decide whether Americans will once again have an honest and fair election process, or a pathetic third-world version.

What have we got to lose? Hey, if not for Donald J. Trump, it’s lost anyway.

73 million voters are backing him.

That’s a hell of a lot more than the other side (unless you use their counting system).  So, don’t let uncontrolled frustration get you down… President Trump’s got our back…

…and those who want election integrity have nothing more to lose.

(…&, JD, remember how you felt when your team’s back was to the wall…but then, Brett Favre took the field? That’s the feeling to have, now…with DJT on the field.)

(His back’s never been to the wall, with these lowlifes, but you get the drift.)

UPDATE: for ye of little cheer, we remind our readers of the President’s Sep 2018 e.o. on Foreign Election interference that calls for (among other things) asset seizures of ANY entity (directly or indirectly) involved in ANY & ALL aspects of that activity.

The Dominion & Scytl voting systems involved in alleged 2020 election malfeasance are FOREIGN-OWNED corporations! 

If they’ve uncovered malfeasance involving these voting systems…& it sure sounds that way…it casts an exec. order wide net, that ensnares politicians, billionaires, Tech Giants, & media at the very least…funders, backers, censors, and propagandists alike.

Buckle up, folks. It’s HAMMER TIME.

Looks like there’s gonna be a lot of elbowing to see who can cop-out with a plea deal. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of lowlifes.

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