Don’t panic, folks…45’s legal team knows what they’re doing

There’s a difference between being thrown ‘under’ a bus…thrown ‘clear’ of a bus…and throwing ‘head-fakes’ at a bus…where the ‘bus’ is a DeepState unseat-Trump effort…

…,and the person being supposedly thrown is legal-eagle Sidney Powell.

This is a multi-dimensional chess match, and Pres Trump is calling the moves.

It won’t unfold overnight – be patient.

Quite often, it’s just as important to keep the opponent guessing by using some moves that appear to be missteps, or unnecessarily implemented, but are simply distraction.

His opponents have underestimated him in the past, continually making moves that are then seen to blowback over his detractors. We’re guessing they’ve done it again, with their implementation of multiple-level election fraud that can’t be completely veiled.

Distracting moves are just as effective as direct aggression.

Stay tuned.

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