So, for celebrity Lefties, it’s all about ‘riot’…until their Party gets its power back

“John Cusack: I Hope Riots Last ‘Till Trump Flys Away In a F**king Helicopter’”

So much for elections meaning anything…

For celebrities and their Left-wing agenda, it’s all about RIOT…til they buy it. 

John Cusack actually prefers that rioting continues.

Are they that stupid…or that nasty?

Looks like the answer is in.

Ssooo, peaceful protestors BAD…VIOLENT looting rioters ahhh, not so bad…?

Remember? Anti-lockdown conservative protestors were labeled racist and potentially violent, when peacefully protesting unconstitutional restrictions of their liberties…

…and now, as cities burn, rioters are being described as ‘not generally speaking unruly’.

Wonder how the owners of those not-unruly…but, yet, burned-down…businesses feel?

As violent unrest spreads, we’re seeing more reports that these riots are being staged.

And while the usual celebrities use the occasion to once again smear the President, we can’t help but wonder how many armed bodyguards Taylor Swift would employ

…if she owned one of those businesses being threatened by Leftist anarchists?

Regardless, orchestrators of this egregious activity should be held accountable…that includes every Left-wing billionaire whose paychecks fund these bloody activities.

But, in the meantime, useful idiot bucks-for-bonfires dupes should be taken out at the knees as soon as their violence escalates, then incarcerated in lock-down hospitals…

…and upon release, held financially responsible for their violent acts and medical costs.

Protests are a right…violent rioting is a crime.


‘Neutral’ means exactly that…

Tech giants in social platforms like Twitter, et al, have enjoyed liability protection under the guise of ‘neutrality’ for 30 years; but, censoring in a partisan manner isn’t neutral.

Revoking the protection of liability under those circumstances is a small first step.

Pres. Trump’s executive order preventing such censorship includes justification…

…put simply, making editorial decisions negates any semblance of neutrality.

Detractors can respond…we’re not holding our breath waiting for common sense.

Our bet? Their response will be heavy on personal attacks, and light on substance.

Well, yeah…let’s face it…absent any substance.

That’s just the way the Left is.

Cuomo, & other Democrat governors, turned nursing homes into Killing Fields

Remember the Democrat attacks against Republicans several years ago, showing a look-alike Paul Ryan pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair off the cliff?

Ironic, that Democrats have redefined the Killing Fields…to include nursing homes.

Democrat governors have a lot to answer for, with their deadly policies: “Covid-19: nursing homes account for ‘staggering’ share of US deaths, data show”

…and most of those nursing home/elder-care deaths were in Democrat states.

They’ll try pushing it off on ‘Trump’s CDC guidelines’…but those guidelines specifically stated that nursing/elder-care homes must FIRST have proper precautionary policies.

Unfortunately for victims, Democrats failed to note that necessary prime consideration when they forced nursing home & elder-care facilities to take Covid-19 positive cases.

Their policies killed the most vulnerable to any virus, let-alone a pandemic quality virus.

Incredibly, some of those same governors are now shielding nursing homes and elder care facilities from liability…even though they failed to follow minimum CDC standards.

They’ll blame it on the CDC, or Trump, but truth is THEY are responsible. PERIOD.

For the sake of your parents and other loved ones in their declining years…

…file that under ‘To be Remembered’ when filling out your November ballot.

There’s a difference between absentee ballots and unsolicited mail ballots

Absentee ballots are requested by those who know they may not be available at the time of in-person voting in their registered locale…they’re solicited absentee ballots.

Mail-in ballots sent helter-skelter to any and all – in an unsolicited fashion – is lunacy.

Planned lunacy…but lunacy nonetheless. Kill this deceit in its tracks. People, the WuFlu ‘health concern’ is bogus…how is it Wal-Mart shoppers are safe, but voters won’t be?

(Last time we checked, ballot boxes are more than 6 feet apart.)

You would think media heavies and their lap-dog politicians would see that…but then, of course they do…they just hope trusting Americans won’t see through the veil of deceit.

Why would they want to send out mailer ballots months before an election, knowing that thousands of people die every dayfrom a wide variety of reasons, including flu?

Voting is sacrosanct. In elections, as with medical practice, the first policy should be…


Why allow politicians and their media-friendlies to push potentially harmful policies on our election process, when there’s already in place a legit absentee process to follow?

Why push a ‘health concern’ then, but similar measures aren’t now set for shoppers?

Why else? No other legitimate reason, than VOTE FRAUD.

How is Scarborough-intern death conspiracy any different from proven-false Trump Russia-collusion claims?

Left-wing collective media heads explode over the President’s tweets about the intern who died mysteriously while working for Joe Scarborough, so we have to ask this…

…why aren’t they outraged over proven FALSEHOODS in the Trump-Russia hoax?

After all, Scarborough was never proven to be innocent…but Pres Trump has been.

Oops, wait…forgot the acceptable media DOUBLE STANDARD policy applies.

Our bad.

“Supermarkets are relatively unlikely spots for coronavirus infection, data suggests”

The report makes several valuable points:

“In April, Hendrik Streeck, a virologist at the University of Bonn, determined that it was highly unlikely that shoppers would contract the virus when buying groceries. He told media at the beginning of last month that, through a survey of the disease’s spread in Germany, he found “no significant risk of catching the disease when you go shopping.”

“Severe outbreaks of the infection were always a result of people being closer together over a longer period of time,” he said, remarking that in the outbreaks he studied, “infection didn’t come from supermarkets or butchers or restaurants. It came from long periods together in closed spaces.”

“The United Food and Commercial Workers — the largest grocery union in the country — said in a press release last week that since the pandemic reached the United States “68 grocery workers have died and more than 10,000 have been infected or exposed.”

The U.S. Census Bureau estimated in 2017 around 3 million grocery workers employed in the United States. If those numbers have largely held steady, then the share of UFCW workers who have contracted the disease is at most one third of one percent of the entire U.S. grocery force, and the number who have died from it is around 0.002%.

Those numbers, which of course represent significant personal hardships and losses, suggest that the danger of contracting COVID-19 at grocery stores is low, even among those at greatest risk of infection.”

Circumstantial evidence not enough to indict a former president, people

As much as everyone knows the weaponized federal agencies at Obama’s fingertips were controlled by Barack Obama, you can bet no solid evidence will be forthcoming.

And, there’s no way a former president gets indicted w-circumstantial evidence. In such a political environment, anything less than rock-solid proof is stuff of banana-republics.

May not like that, but nothing but solid irrefutable evidence will suffice.

Oh well…

Explaining a fear-mongering HOAX…with 1 map

WuFlu death count: Red = 1/3 of deaths, Tan = 1/3 of deaths, Green = 1/3 of deaths

(map courtesy of

Overinflated death counts, under-counted total cases, concentrated lethality…

…and with media PANIC reporting, an entire Nation shuts down…

…when the obvious solution would have been to isolate hot-spots in the East.

FACT – Death counts are being dramatically over-inflated.

FACT – Total cases are under-counted, causing a false high death percentage.

FACT – CDC (now) advises death rate compares to a bad flu season.

FACT – The FEAR-MONGERING continues.

How long will we allow this agenda-driven media to manipulate America?

There’s gotta be one NC town with ‘re-open sanctuary’ cajones…to host GOP convention

Previously, we asked(tongue in cheek, as a Democrat tweak)

“What better venue for supporting our U. S. Military, and local area businesses in North Carolina, then holding the Republican Convention at Fort Bragg or Camp Lejeune?”

All in good fun, of course, because of the huge uproar it would cause…then noted…

“Yeah, yeah, we know…

…probably illegal to use military bases in support of a political Party, but then, what’s lawful about VIOLATING constitutional liberties…by Democrat governors?

You’d think one town/city would consider ‘lock-down sanctuary’ status, in time for the Republicans to get off their backsides and build a venue where it’d be most helpful.”

BUT, SERIOUSLY FOLKS (hint, hint)…

…can you imagine the free press and huge business potential for that lucky town?

Just sayin’…