There’s a difference between absentee ballots and unsolicited mail ballots

Absentee ballots are requested by those who know they may not be available at the time of in-person voting in their registered locale…they’re solicited absentee ballots.

Mail-in ballots sent helter-skelter to any and all – in an unsolicited fashion – is lunacy.

Planned lunacy…but lunacy nonetheless. Kill this deceit in its tracks. People, the WuFlu ‘health concern’ is bogus…how is it Wal-Mart shoppers are safe, but voters won’t be?

(Last time we checked, ballot boxes are more than 6 feet apart.)

You would think media heavies and their lap-dog politicians would see that…but then, of course they do…they just hope trusting Americans won’t see through the veil of deceit.

Why would they want to send out mailer ballots months before an election, knowing that thousands of people die every dayfrom a wide variety of reasons, including flu?

Voting is sacrosanct. In elections, as with medical practice, the first policy should be…


Why allow politicians and their media-friendlies to push potentially harmful policies on our election process, when there’s already in place a legit absentee process to follow?

Why push a ‘health concern’ then, but similar measures aren’t now set for shoppers?

Why else? No other legitimate reason, than VOTE FRAUD.

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