Cuomo, & other Democrat governors, turned nursing homes into Killing Fields

Remember the Democrat attacks against Republicans several years ago, showing a look-alike Paul Ryan pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair off the cliff?

Ironic, that Democrats have redefined the Killing Fields…to include nursing homes.

Democrat governors have a lot to answer for, with their deadly policies: “Covid-19: nursing homes account for ‘staggering’ share of US deaths, data show”

…and most of those nursing home/elder-care deaths were in Democrat states.

They’ll try pushing it off on ‘Trump’s CDC guidelines’…but those guidelines specifically stated that nursing/elder-care homes must FIRST have proper precautionary policies.

Unfortunately for victims, Democrats failed to note that necessary prime consideration when they forced nursing home & elder-care facilities to take Covid-19 positive cases.

Their policies killed the most vulnerable to any virus, let-alone a pandemic quality virus.

Incredibly, some of those same governors are now shielding nursing homes and elder care facilities from liability…even though they failed to follow minimum CDC standards.

They’ll blame it on the CDC, or Trump, but truth is THEY are responsible. PERIOD.

For the sake of your parents and other loved ones in their declining years…

…file that under ‘To be Remembered’ when filling out your November ballot.

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