Ssooo, peaceful protestors BAD…VIOLENT looting rioters ahhh, not so bad…?

Remember? Anti-lockdown conservative protestors were labeled racist and potentially violent, when peacefully protesting unconstitutional restrictions of their liberties…

…and now, as cities burn, rioters are being described as ‘not generally speaking unruly’.

Wonder how the owners of those not-unruly…but, yet, burned-down…businesses feel?

As violent unrest spreads, we’re seeing more reports that these riots are being staged.

And while the usual celebrities use the occasion to once again smear the President, we can’t help but wonder how many armed bodyguards Taylor Swift would employ

…if she owned one of those businesses being threatened by Leftist anarchists?

Regardless, orchestrators of this egregious activity should be held accountable…that includes every Left-wing billionaire whose paychecks fund these bloody activities.

But, in the meantime, useful idiot bucks-for-bonfires dupes should be taken out at the knees as soon as their violence escalates, then incarcerated in lock-down hospitals…

…and upon release, held financially responsible for their violent acts and medical costs.

Protests are a right…violent rioting is a crime.


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