Wait…the guy who has NO stream-of-consciousness is questioning 45’s cognitive ability?

Democrats are hiding Beijing Joe in his basement, afraid he’ll expose himself tor the dementia-case that he is, every attempt at discussion turns into rambling idiocy…

…and yet, Joe Biden’s claiming President Trump has no cognitive awareness?

Right…the President who just held an hours-plus long rally, cognitively conscious the entire time, is having his mental faculties questioned by Dementia’s poster-boy?

Democrats should be sued for elder-abuse, putting Joe through this for so long.

Democrats are all for useful left-wing idiots erasing a slavery past THEY OWN

Why would Pelosi and Schumer want the statue-toppling to stop? With one season of rioting and vandalism, the Left-wing has just stripped Democrats of their slavery past.

Let’s face it…if this unrest was aimed at anger over America’s slavery past…

…the first victim should’ve been…the Democrat Party.

The only question: is BlackLivesMatter an unwitting dupe, or a willing accomplice?

Considering the uncovered back-door finance trail to BLM, and the fact that NOT ONCE has BlackLivesMatter called for dismantling of the Slavery Party, it’s pretty obvious…


As a matter of fact, it’s reported that BLM donations go through the ‘ActBlue’ Democrat-loving 501(c)3, which makes it appear to be a money laundering operation for them…

…not a nice look…but, then, when did they ever worry about appearances?

If reports are correct, Democrats fund riots which erase Democrat history of a slavery past, Democrat 501(c)3 groups take in donations…and they get their funding back.

Bonus points?

They’re knocking down memorials of Republican efforts to END slavery.

Gotta hand it to ’em…they are a clever lot.

Think – fighting to KEEP slavery was wrong, fighting to END slavery was…wrong?

Statue toppling as National sport should at least make some kind of sense, even if the act itself is wrong-headed…how could opposite sides of the issue both be wrong?

If statues of those who fought to KEEP slavery should be toppled, statues of those who fought to END slavery should be toppled, what are we left with…those uncommitted?

Now playing, for our continued lockdown displeasure…The Flu That Ate America

WuhanFlu…brought to us by China, and fed through November election day by steady streams of anarchists, rioters & protesters…to ensure case levels will always rise…

…accompanied by a panic-porn fear-mongering musical score, provided by LIBedia.

Which means their draconian lock-downs and calls for mail-in balloting will continue.

Who doesn’t see how this plays out…?

Federal intervention vs rioters & anarchists without state support endangers our military

Get a grip, people.

Screaming for the President to send in troops where they would not have local support is a dangerous situation for troops…and a dream scenario for rioters, and Democrats.

Who in their right mind wants to sacrifice our U.S. Military in that manner?

(Other than the anarchists and Democrats praying for grim photo-ops, that is.)

Until state governors and city mayors ask for help & guarantee support, they own this.



According to Pelosi, those Republicans are omnipotent…

In a Democrat-led state, and Democrat-led city, and Democrat-led police department, it seems Pelosi sees a Republican hand behind the unfortunate death of George Floyd?

“The Democratic leader still won’t apologize for accusing Republicans of trying to ‘get away with . . . the murder of George Floyd.’” It was only a matter of time…Botox OD’d?

With NO due respect, Nan…How.Exactly.Is.That.Possible?

Yep…if WuFlu contagion rate is 10x higher, then mortality rate is 10x lower

“CDC director…COVID-19 infections likely 10 times higher than official numbers”

According to the Centers for Disease Control director Redfield: “…best estimate right now is that for every case that’s reported, there actually are 10 other infections…”

As Just-the-News reports: “That assumption comes from large-scale blood tests that have been performed around the country, the results…have consistently demonstrated that the virus is likely far more widespread than official numbers indicate.” ???

If the contagion rate is 10 times higher, then mortality rates are 10 times lower

...why are they calling for more masks, social distancing, & extended lockdowns?

Then, there’s this report…they’re overstating WuFlu hospitalizations: “Texas hospital CEO: COVID inpatient count ‘misinterpreted,’ level of alarm ‘unwarranted'”

“In Texas, focal point of national anxiety about a coronavirus ‘second wave,’ the state counts every COVID-positive hospital patient as a hospitalization for COVID itself, which may be exaggerating numbers.” ‘May be’…? REALLY – YUH THINK?

We’re betting every state showing an uptick has the SAME POLICY.

And, here’s good news, as reported by OANN“Despite the recent rise in virus cases, VP Mike Pence confirmed COVID-19 fatalities are declining all across the country.”

LIBedia does their damnedest to keep Americans in fear, but honest news is getting out.