Has the FBI mistakenly got the wrong hoax-mailer…or is that arrest a feint?

ZeroHedge.com headline: “The Facts Of The Mail Bomber Case Don’t Add Up”

The author (Craddick) leans toward FBI incompetence or frame-up as reasoning for the possible mistake, but there’s also a possibility they’re covering a deeper strategy.

He notes the targets of the hoax-mailings are all mainstream Democrats; using a former DNC chair’s name on return address (Wasserman-Schulz) may indicate that the real mailer is a far-Left ‘Democrat Socialist’ angry over how Bernie Sanders was treated.

Was it incompetence? A frame-up? Or a deception to lure the real mailer? Still can’t say at this point, but the contradictions in what we know so far makes a good read.

Time will tell.

CNN host: ‘stop demonizing…unless it’s white people’

Yeah – you read that right…CNN demonizer Don Lemon just can’t help himself

“I keep trying to point out to people not to demonize any one group or any one ethnicity, but we keep thinking that the biggest terror threat is something else, some people who are marching towards the border like it’s imminent…So, we have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right,” Lemon declared.” (bold emphasis added)


Shutting down the Dem’s ‘pre-existing condition’ LIES

Washington Examiner op-ed: “There is a Republican plan to cover pre-existing conditions — and the House already passed it” (underline emphasis added)

“The American Health Care Act included an amendment that…ensured that anyone with a preexisting condition could purchase health insurance. The Palmer-Schweikert amendment established a risk-sharing plan that allowed any individual with a preexisting condition to purchase insurance at the same price as a healthy individual.”


RULE-of-LAW dictates illegal alien ‘birthright’ citizenship claims are unlawful

High-minded arguments over a ‘birthright citizenship’ concept is a smokescreen.

Stop the parsing of the 14th amendment reference to ‘subject to the jurisdiction’ phrase; it doesn’t speak to the basic issue – RULE of LAW is foundational to the Constitution.

It doesn’t matter how many different interpretations of the 14th amendment are made.

Basic rule-of-law principles negate the ‘legal’ passing on of stolen goods to offspring.

As noted in a previous blog, American citizenship is an item of value.

To claim such an item can be stolen by illegal act (U.S. entry) is the same as claiming a stolen car or the crown jewels can be passed on – by the thieves – to their offspring.

The idea that such a possibility can be legal is ridiculous.

That which is illegally obtained cannot be legally inherited.



What the media DOESN’T investigate tells us what they DON’T want us to know

In his article “Democratic Attacks: Who’s Paying?” Mr. Feinstein exposes another far more curious question…why is the media so blatantly avoiding investigative reporting?

Mentioning the fabricated orchestration of the Kavanaugh smear, suspect organizing of the illegal alien horde approaching our borders, and the Russia collusion hoax, queries over the funding and organizing of such events exposed a curious phenomenon…

…only CONSERVATIVES are asking the questions…who’s behind all this? 

And, by their coordinated silence…it seems FakeNews media has revealed the answer.

Wait!! Special Counsel Mueller is being…Kavanaugh’d???

File this under: ‘what goes around, comes around’

First, there’s this

“BREAKING REPORT — **EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS** : Special Counsel and Former FBI Director Robert Mueller Accused of Rape By ‘Very Credible Witness'”

Then, there’s this

Mueller Accuses Opponents of Offering Women Cash to Make ‘False Claims’ — IS USING POWER OF GOVT. TO GO AFTER THEM!”

Seriously? Mueller’s being Kavanaugh’d?

(Except THIS TIME the accuser knows the date, place, and how she got home.)