Guilt-by-Accusation isn’t who we are, regardless of Kavanaugh-accuser’s motivations

Sorry liberals, you can’t win an argument founded on an unAmerican principle of guilt-by-accusation, and by the way, undeserving-Senator Blumenthal blew the accuser out of the water, when he brought up the ‘lie-a-little, lie-all-the-time’ legal screed.

(The term in Latin is ‘falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus‘ which means if a witness is shown to have lied about one thing, one can assume they’ve lied about everything.)

First, Ford’s own alleged party-mates say her claims aren’t true. Second, she stalled a Senate hearing by claiming a fear of flying…when her habits PROVE she flies all the time. So if a shown ‘once-liar’ can be legitimately termed a serial liar…there you have it.

That said, no corroboration, proof, or evidence is provided to support her claim, either.

Whether Balsey-Ford is a confused victim or deceitful Democrat activist shill is actually beside the point…Guilt-By-Accusation isn’t part of the rule of law, and never has been.

Innocent-til-proven-guilty is the concept we live by. But, still, irony drips.

Seems odd that the Party of the waitress-sandwich and Slick Willie Clinton predation is getting panties in a bunch over unsubstantiated 35-yrs-past teenage binge parties, no?

After all, the Kennedy-Clinton excesses were provable

…but, lucky for them…they were in the right Party.

Unnhhh…no, that’s not how it goes…

Leonard M., whom we must admit is a VERY dedicated Liberal, tries to make the case that an FBI investigation of Brett Kavanaugh would somehow be different than what’s already occurred, but we’re guessing he just doesn’t understand the process.

The FBI gets statements from people, in this case, people who already submitted sworn statements to the Senate Judiciary Committee swearing Ms. Ford’s claim is wrong.

So, the FBI would just go get…the SAME statements…’cuz, guess what?

Those submitting sworn statements under penalty of felony aren’t likely to change those statements just because an FBI agent knocks on their door…they’ll swear the same.

Senate Democrats demanding an FBI probe KNOW THIS…but hope you don’t.

(And, did we mention Leonard is very dedicated?)

4 major takeaways from today’s Ford-v-Kavanaugh Senate hearing

The four major takeaways from today’s ‘hearing‘…

  • While it’s a given that any allegation of sex-abuse must be heard, Ms. Ford had NO corroboration, proof, or evidence to support her claim that, if she was sexually assaulted as a teenager, Kavanaugh was the perpetrator;
  • Brett Kavanaugh (rightfully) asserted at every opportunity the very ‘witnesses’ to the event (as claimed by Ms. Ford) all refute her claim, under penalty of perjury;
  • Democrats, unable to counter that Ms. Ford’s identified ‘witnesses’ all refuted her claim, had to fall back on the ‘we-need-an-FBI-investigation’ delay tactic;
  • Senate Republicans finally had on their Big-Boy pants today, slamming Senate Democrats for their delay tactics in the hearing process, i.e.
    • Feinstein kept secret Ms. Ford’s complaint letter since the end of July;
    • Failed to submit it to the Chairman, or address it in their interview process;
    • Failed to ask the FBI to check out the information in a timely manner;
    • Yet complained that Republicans wouldn’t (now) delay the hearing for an FBI probe they could have justified…if they’d presented the claim originally.

Especially forceful was GOP Senator Lindsey Graham’s blistering takedown of the way in which Senate Democrat Ranking Chair Feinstein manipulated the process.

If nothing else, watch his withering tirade.

South Carolina…you can be proud of that guy this afternoon.

Brett Kavanaugh showed a lot more reserve than we preferred (hoping during every Democrat question about ‘why not delay for an FBI probe?’ that he would suggest they ask their Democrat leadership why that hadn’t been done WEEKS AGO.)

But, finally, Republican Senators started throwing that question back at them.

Based on this hearing…there’s no good reason to delay a vote…or confirmation.

Never have we been so proud of Senate Republicans…

…and so ashamed of Senate Democrats.

‘Politics ain’t beanbag’ doesn’t mean it’s okay to be…scum-bag…

The ‘politics ain’t beanbag’ quote is attributed to an 1890s fictional ‘Dooley’ character, written by Finley Peter Dunne, a chief editorial writer for the Chicago Post, meant as a retort to politicians of the day complaining about ‘rough-and-tumble’ campaigning.

Democrats and media, with a despicable anti-Kavanaugh campaign, take it lower.

We’re being subjected now to the Scum-Bag world of Democrat politics.

If ever there was a ‘pattern of abusive behavior’…

Washington Examiner op-ed: ‘Democrats claim there’s now a pattern of abusive behavior by Kavanaugh’…but – while the pattern’s there – the abusers are…

…the Democrats.

11th hour theatrics using despicable UNPROVEN allegations DEFINE ‘abusive’…

…and especially abusive if an accuser claims to forget ‘when’ it allegedly occurred, ‘where’ it allegedly happened, and ‘who’ else was allegedly involved or witnessed it…

…thus affording the accused NO OPPORTUNITY to defend themselves.

And calling for FBI probes AFTER withholding information that could’ve been included in the original FBI background checks is nothing more than political theater, writ large.

Pattern of abusive behavior? You bet.

And the politicians conducting it should be sanctioned.

Best way to handle the ‘no-proof-is-needed’ anti-Kavanaugh crowd

Next time a Left-wing acquaintance hurls the ‘Kavanaugh-accusers-must-be-believed-without-proof’ screed in your face, just ask them why they molested the little old lady.

When they deny the accusation, explain to them that you witnessed it; you’re just not sure ‘when’ it happened, ‘where’ it happened, or how many others saw it happen.

Then, sit back and enjoy the hypocrisy.

…desperately seeking…pessimism…?

“Consumer Confidence Jumps to 18-Year High on Strong Trump Economy”

As reports: “U.S. consumer confidence surged to an 18-year high in September as households grew more upbeat about the labor market, pointing to sustained strength in the economy” The only ones surprised will be Democrats.

“Economists polled by Reuters had forecast the consumer index slipping to a reading of 132.0 this month from the previously reported 133.4 in August.” (emphasis added)

Cue ‘unexpected’ hysteria – but were those polled economists living in Siberian caves?

Seriously – household income…UP. New unemployment claims…DOWN. Minority and Women unemployment at historic LOWS. Manufacturing-jobs sector…GROWING

…how hard can it be to read consumer confidence tea-leaves?