That’s rich: repetitive FakeNews peddlers blame PROVEN unreliable repetitive fake news sources

“Chuck Todd of NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ Blames Russia for ‘Fake News’”

There once was a time-honored journalistic tradition of corroborating news. That went to hell when the media decided to go into the tank for one political Party over the other.

So, when a ‘journalistcontinually fails to corroborate one fake news story after another, then attempts to blame the source of continual lies, it’s a claim we refuse to accept.

Obviously, Chuck isn’t aware of the ‘fool-me-once…’ idiom…

…and, just as obviously…hopes no-one else is either.

Doesn’t matter though – after the first time, the shame’s ON YOU, Chuck.

If a dossier collapses in a forest-of-lies, and nobody pays attention, does it make a noise?

“Two government investigations leave Steele dossier in shambles”

That would be the Mueller investigation, and the Inspector General investigation.

According to Rowan Scarborough: “Two official government reports have exonerated President Trump and his associates of the serious Russia allegations in the Democratic Party-financed dossier written by Christopher Steele and his handler, Fusion GPS.”

“…the Mueller report leaves out exonerations that could have been cited. They later were referenced by Mr. Horowitz, based on Mr. Mueller’s FBI probe and findings.”

Yeah. But, if nobody’s listening…or reporting…

So, while hiding exonerating info and pushing lies, Pelosi demands SENATE fairness?

Incredible hypocrisy on display, abetted by the media: “Pelosi Refuses to Release Transcripts from Schiff’s Secret Meetings That Exonerate Trump”

With no consideration for facts, evidence of high crimes/misdemeanors, or due process, Democrats pushed through SHAMpeachment articles on a straight Party vote that, even then, saw three of its members vote ‘no’, another member vote ‘present’ and one defect.

They pulled shady basement hearings, refused to give Republicans any opportunity to call witnesses, and allowed their witnesses to refuse answers to Republican questions.

Pelosi refuses to release any exculpatory hearing testimony that could exonerate the President, or cast doubt on their case…yet questions fairness of Senate Republicans?

Without their media enablers, Democrats could never get away with this.

The articles are a matter of record…who cares if or when they’re ‘sent’ to the Senate?

Rising approval polling for Pres Trump reveals Americans see this as a sham.

The Senate should just lay out the weakness of the Democrats’ case, declare them null and void after completely exposing its unconstitutional nature…and dismiss the case.

This is a teachable moment – man up, Senator McConnell.

‘FISA warrant never should’ve been ok’d, knowing opposition research was basis for the warrant’

Vindicated…by Joe diGenova, former U.S. Attorney, now a legal analyst.

Nine days ago we posted a criticism of FISA: “Definition of ‘deflection’ – a FISA court that accepts unsubstantiated FBI info, then demands reforms…of the FBI”

Took a little heat from several readers who thought that criticism was unwarranted, ‘cuz they ‘necessarily’ trusted information the FBI agents provided to justify the applications.

Wenoted in return comments that no judge worthy of office accepts 2nd- and 3rd-hand hearsay evidence as ‘trusted information’…REGARDLESS of who presents it to them, especially if it’s known the information was developed by an opposing political party.


…the FISA judges knew American citizens were being targeted with illegal spying and unlawful use of NSA intercepts for several years BEFORE the 2016 election cycle.

As for the illegal spying on the Trump campaign, NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers himself was the whistleblower in that scandal, and notified FISA late November 2016.

Even if FISA judges allowed glaring hearsay, provided by a political opponent, to be used to justify the initial warrant, the 3 subsequent renewals should’ve been denied.

And the unethical perpetrators should’ve been brought up on contempt charges.

FISA judges are not blameless dupes in this process; their inaction against KNOWN duplicity, and involvement in unjustifiably renewing the warrant 3 times, make them…

co-conspirators in the hoax.


UPDATED: Dec 29, Gateway Pundit – “FISA Court Warned Multiple Times For Years About FISA Abuse and Yet Did Nothing Until Now Proving It’s Another Obama Corrupted Institution” At website Lidblog “On October 24, 2016, NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers told Judge Collyer of the FISA court that there were significant issues with the way the NSA was complying with its minimization procedures.  This was three days after Judge Collyer approved the FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page” (bold, u/l added)

(And, we might add, two weeks BEFORE the 2016 election.)

Yeah, yeah, nothing to see here, folks…move along.


Question asked, question answered…

“Sen. Cruz on FBI Abuse: ‘How High Up the Chain Did This Go?'”

REALLY? FBI’s Page-Strzok texts should lay it out for him, no?

“…POTUS (Obama) ‘Wants to Know Everything We’re Doing'” (CNS News, Feb 2018) or… “‘White House is running this’ mystery has top Republican squeezing DOJ to unredact Strzok-Page texts” (Washington Examiner, May 2018)

Unhhh…Senator…question asked, question answered…


The REAL racists were those keeping minority unemployment high… (we’ve added it to our Ripostes for Liberals page)

Did you know there was a website for winning arguments against Liberal snowflakes?

It covers a range of issues; we propose adding the title of this post to that collection.

Democrats love to brand Republicans as racist, but their policies were keeping minority unemployment high; under GOP leadership, there’s been a record minority job boom.

The real racists were keeping minorities unemployed, and depending on government.

Real champions of minority groups empower that demographic…not oppress them. And nothing gives someone an empowerment better, than jobs providing financial freedom.

Yes, yes, this site covers how the Trump/GOP policies benefit minorities, but it does so under a ‘Trump reaches out beyond his base’ theme.

For too long Democrats have pushed the ‘racist’ lies against Republicans; it’s time the GOP fought back…using a specific ‘Who Real Racists Are’ theme does exactly that.

C’mon, guys, add it to your list.

They have BILLION$ of reasons to continue their SHAMpeachment charade…

…at least 5.3 billion reasons. At American Greatness: “Giuliani: ‘Saint Marie Yovanovitch’ Quashed Ukraine Probe Into Missing $5.3 Billion in Foreign Aid”

‘Foreign Aid’ is nothing more than Democrat code for money laundering of American tax-payer dollars. We guarantee this is just the tip of a huge, corrupt iceberg.

“Rudy Giuliani alleged Monday that former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch “quashed” a corruption investigation into the disappearance of foreign aid because the Obama Administration was funneling the money to non-governmental organizations run by left-wing billionaire George Soros.” (Ambassador Yovanovitch was an Obama appointee)

“He said the reason the probe was quashed was because instead of giving the money to the government, the U.S. Embassy was giving it to NGOs (nonprofit organizations that operate independently of  government) run by left-wing billionaire George Soros and his children.” Is it any wonder Democrats are focused on SHAMpeachment?

As soon as the President called for Ukraine investigations, they melted down.

You NEVER get between a Democrat and their billionaire donors.

And, does beg the question: If this doesn’t justify RICO indictments…what does?

Money – the mother’s milk of…SHAMpeachment?

In the face of news that their SHAMpeachment is actually boomeranging, driving the President’s poll numbers up along with new donor numbers and donations, Democrats have taken the inexplicable position that ‘more is better‘, and plan to add to charges.

It was a (surprise) Democrat – Jesse Unruh – who coined the phrase ‘money is the mother’s milk of politics’…we’re betting Soros ca$h is driving the present hoax mania.

Soros is neck-deep in Ukraine corruption, and appears he’s got Democrats involved too. Nothing else explains the continued hole-digging Pelosi-&-co. are involved in now.