Seems being a ‘Poverty Law Center’ pays off…big time

Reports indicate the Southern ‘Poverty’ Law Center is…anything but.

A fund-raising powerhouse? $328 million in net assets…? …Millions transferred to offshore accounts? Paying themselves $20 million in huge annual salaries?

Whoa, standing up for the victim-class pays off…but one can’t help wondering…

…wouldn’t those $328 million in assets, and millions transferred to offshore accounts be put to better use in the pockets and accounts of the poor they claim to champion?

Their “What We Do” cites a ‘3-pronged strategy to battle racial and social injustice’:

  1. Fighting hate
  2. Teaching tolerance
  3. Seeking justice

Damn!! Who knew battling racial and social injustice could be so…profitable?

But considering the uncommon financial revelations not usual for a non-profit, we would suggest that their 3-prong strategy is more accurately described as:

  • Reaping huge donations;
  • Creating extremely profitable assets; and
  • Offshoring their lucrative results…

…’cuz you can damn well bet the ‘injustice’ victims will never see dime one.

The good news is ‘racial and social injustice’ must be at a standstill after their lucrative battles…because legal services only cost ’em $61k for their 75 lawyers on staff in 2015.

(Guess they must’a won all the BIG battles earlier, hunhh?!?)

We had no idea a 75-lawyer stable would be willing to accept a puny $800 each in fees!

Bottom line…there are pretty odd goings-on at the Southern Poverty Law Center. But then, why would they care how we characterize their profitable financial excesses?

After all, they can just dismiss BlueCollar as just another Hate Group.

Problem solved.

(But, hey – considering the lawsuits they’re getting hit with now for hate-mongering…

…they’d better funnel those $328 million in assets offshore…post-haste.)

Surprised? FBI deep-staters are fighting release of Trump-dossier related items

According to Byron York, the FBI is fighting the release of Trump-dossier related items using a totally bogus argument that, to do so, would ‘reveal an ongoing investigation’.

(They also claim that doing so would jeopardize national security.)

But former FBI director Comey already revealed there was an ongoing investigation.

And, excuse us, but since when does a fabricated dossier of false allegations about then-campaigner Donald Trump have anything at all to do with national security?

When it comes to deep-staters desperate to cover their tracks, they don’t care how ridiculous they make themselves…or a national law enforcement agency…look to us.

Which tells you all you need to know about where their priorities lie.

OMG – more spent on taxes annually than on food & clothing combined

Here’s a nice little statistic for you as Pres. Trump opens up the ‘lower-taxes’ dialogue.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, annually, Americans spend more on taxes than food and clothing combined…what a way to start the looming tax-reform debate.

That’s federal, state, and local combined, by the way.

Before anyone blows it off as just an incidental, you should also know that ‘consumer-unit’ tax bill ballooned from $7.4k annually in 2013, to $10.5k in 2016…up 42%!

Thank you, Mr. Obama!!

Let this sink in, people, before you hear the media-Democrat FakeNews machine gear up and start warning everyone of dire end-of-days consequences if taxes are lowered.

And, as noted previously, don’t let their LIES dissuade you from cold, hard facts:

  • Reagan & Bush tax cuts gave a HUGE boost to our economy;
  • Higher income earners pay a disproportionately HIGHER tax percentage;
  • ‘Revenue-neutral’ cries simply veil their out-of-control SPENDING problem.

As stated, and as the IBD article outlines, these facts are irrefutable.

We hope the spineless GOP Congress backs the President’s play.

It would also behoove the Democrat constituents to consider very carefully why they’ll listen to Democrat rhetoric warning about GOP tax-cuts only benefiting the wealthy…

…when it’s ONLY the wealthy fat-cat insurance companies who continue to receive tens of billions from the Democrat healthcare scam known as Obamacare.

When it comes to policy that benefits the wealthy, Democrat politicians have no equal.

The only thing more criminal than Democrats like Schumer pretending otherwise…

…is a FakeNews media that lets such lies and double-dealing go unchallenged.

Surprised? Comey drafted Hillary’s probe-closing memo BEFORE interviewing key witnesses

The Washington Times: “Comey drafted announcement closing Hillary Clinton probe before key witnesses interviewed” (underline added for emphasis)

And one of those ‘key witnesses’ was (wait for it)…Hillary Clinton!

The telling take-away quote:

“…evidence…indicates former FBI Director James Comey began drafting a statement to announce the closure of the bureau’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server before key witnesses, including Mrs. Clinton, were interviewed.”

In our opinion, former FBI director James Comey personifies ‘the fix was in’.

Yeah, yeah…’no prosecutor would indict her’...


(Consider this one more justification to re-open Hillary’s investigation, Mr. President.)

Add Rudy Giuliani to co-chair that special counsel probe

A serious Mueller would convene grand juries for House Democrats, and the DNC.

30 House Democrats and the DNC employed the Pakistani cohort that could very well have been behind a so-called DNC ‘hack’ during last year’s presidential campaign.

So, it begs the question, Mr. Mueller…

…given the latest details of chicanery, why aren’t grand juries convened for them…

…what’s the problem – too much evidence?

Failing to do so gives the term Witch-Hunt credibility, but efforts to close down the probe ignores a serious problem…this witch-hunt was falsely promoted by elected politicians.

Elected DEMOCRAT politicians – you know, that Party whose membership hired thugs to provide IT ‘services’ which, in all likelihood, resulted in the real ‘hack’ of the DNC.

Far from ending this special counsel probe, we endorse bringing in Rudy Giuliani to co-chair the investigation, since it seems Mueller is too busy chasing will-o’-wisp fantasies.

And, task Mr. Giuliani et al with pursuing those evidence-heavy leads to their natural conclusion, because, after all, we’re all about investigating real DNC misdeeds…


Hot-Air climate-changers FINALLY get their hurricane…falling skies return

Lock the doors, Martha, the climate-changers are loose again.

When a dearth of hurricane activity forced climate change doomsayers back into their rabbit holes, the common-sense population had a chance to catch a collective breath.

But, now that a hurricane has FINALLY deigned to hit the U.S., skies are falling again.

If it weren’t for the human tragedy such a natural disaster causes, the knee-jerk reaction of the climate-change crowd unleashed by such a huge storm would be hilarious.

Temperatures were much warmer during the Middle Ages; CO2 levels 3-4 times greater during the Carboniferous Period – but don’t let scientific facts challenge their Big Lie.

And, if Category-4 hurricane strikes in the U.S. are seen as a defining factor of climate change, then we’re in luck…because over the last 47 years there were only four…

…whereas, according to climate expert Dr. Roy Spencer, there were fourteen in the 47 years BEFORE 1970, which means (by their own logic) climate-change is easing. 

But don’t tell the climate-change billionaires heavily invested in green technology.

Dream Act must end, because it’s unconstitutional

Plain and simple: Art. 1, Section 8 of our U.S. Constitution

“The Congress shall have power…to establish a uniform rule of naturalization”

Congress, not the President…but Obama “issued the policy by unilateral decree.”

An unconstitutional ‘policy’ – the Executive Branch doesn’t have the power to simply rewrite what the Constitution very clearly states, no matter how loudly the Left whines.

Obama’s job was to ‘faithfully execute’ existing laws…not illegally write new laws.

Keep your campaign promise, Mr. President – end the unlawful DACA amnesty.

Lower taxes will drive huge growth…and that’s what Democrats fear

Does anyone really enjoy paying taxes?

Whether low-, middle-, or high-income, taxes are not an enjoyable cost to bear.

Sure, America needs certain government services, but when you learn your tax-dollars are going toward studies of the sexual patterns of geckos, you must experience doubt.

Any honest economist will tell you if you want to stop a particular pattern of behavior, the most effective way is to tax it. Conversely, lowering taxes encourage patterns.

Logically, higher taxes slow economic growth…lower taxes encourage economic growth and the studies by economists during lower-higher tax cycles bear out the truth.

Now, if it weren’t for Democrats fearing the success of such measures, all could benefit.

BlueCollar forces liberal media to its knees!!

In a stunning admission, Liberal media has been forced to acknowledge that the Antifa-BlackLivesMatter thugs are, in fact, little more than the white supremacists they ‘fight’.

The Washington Post, the Atlantic, the LA Times, and Bloomberg have finally conceded what BlueCollar has reported…they’re not fighting authoritarianism, they’re creating it.

When even these liberal outlets confirm the problem, you KNOW there’s a problem!

It’s time to put an end to this far-Left fueled violence masquerading as ‘protest’.

Follow the money, and if it means George Soros in orange prison garb, so be it.

House Democrats continue endangering national security…media yawns

The Pakistani cohort being investigated for IT shenanigans while working for quite a few House Democrats are still at it…or at least, still have active emails in Congress.

All were fired from their jobs, one arrested and now confined while his brothers and wife escaped back to Pakistan. The one still detained here had the other email address.

You’d think, since it links in as a Congressman’s aide, “says his individual legislative portfolio covers “national security and foreign affairs” and includes work on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence…”, that the implications would be huge.

That congressman’s aide, Bennett, says he has no idea why the Pakistani used his name linked to a surreptitious account, disavowing any knowledge of the matter.

But, if that account was still receiving emails Tuesday, it’s not inconceivable to believe some of the incoming emails would have serious national security details included.

Yet the FakeNews media yawns?

What do you call a media focused on a no-evidence-or-proof claim that the President’s campaign ‘colluded with Russia’…but ignores REAL news of Democrat perfidy?

We call it criminal.