Anti-Trumpers believing Charlottesville may be Trump’s Katrina forget 1 thing…

Anti-Trumpers believing Charlottesville may be Trump’s Katrina forget one thing…

…this President’s fighting a popular war against FakeNews media.

Former President Bush was (unfairly) assaulted by FakeNews media for his response to Hurricane Katrina while he was also fighting growing unpopularity of a MiddleEast effort.

But President Trump’s battle is against a hugely unpopular, unreliable news monopoly that has exposed itself every time they desperately run another FakeNews narrative.

Charlottesville will prove to be completely orchestrated by the Left, as Obamaite Kessler and socialist Spencer, posers of ‘alt-right’ white supremacists, are revealed as alt-Left.

Americans demonstrated their distrust of the Left in November. Their eyes finally have been opened; they see the FakeNews media and Democrat lackeys for what they are.

When they see Leftist rioting pits ‘fake-right’ Lefties against alt-Left thugs in attempts to smear the Right, there’ll be hell to pay…it’s a story FakeNews spin can’t whitewash.

And, that being the case, Charlottesville could very well be the Left’s ‘Katrina’.

Ever notice they don’t want to be judged by their past, but want to judge us by America’s past?

The Left is famous for claiming they shouldn’t be judged by their past, most notably in the case of Barack Obama, brought up at the knee of Communists and a radical Left.

Another example of Left hypocrisy?

The Democrat Party’s long history of slavery and racism, because you can’t judge them by what Democrats practiced then…only by what Democrats say they are now.

Yet that’s exactly what the Left’s doing now, judging today’s America by its past.

We have a choice to say “HELL No”.

We did it in November’s election by electing Donald Trump, and we must keep doing it.

Because the Left will keep trying to condemn you by the actions of centuries ago.

(Unless of course, you’re a Democrat politician…)

It took us 90 years after breaking away from England to rid this Nation of the Democrat-led slave state, it took another 100 years to break the Democrat oppression of blacks.

Isn’t it a tragic irony…

…that it’s the Democrat-Left trying to brand Americans…with what they wrought?

And, for what purpose? To ‘transform’ America, into their vision of what’s right?

We Can’t Let This Happen.

FakeNews ‘reports’ what was said…then the Left rages as if it really was said

All this fabricated fury over what FakeNews ‘reported’ was said by the President begs the question – does anyone realize what was reported was not factually what was said?

Bending words to conjure hateful connotation is what FakeNews does.

It’s disingenuous, deceit, or stupidity that accepts such connotation as factual.

Here’s a link to the President’s initial Charlottesville remarks, and followup remarks.

(For those interested in HONEST reporting)

Had the President inferred victims of Charlottesville contributed to the tragedy, like Obama did when police were assassinated, if possible the ‘outrage’ would be worse.

Funny thing, the antifa-BlackLivesMatter crowd did bring it on, illegally…because unlike the white supremacist groups, antifa-BLM DID NOT HAVE A PERMIT TO BE THERE.

In a state where the police will shut down a child’s lemonade stand, police did nothing to disperse an illegal group of demonstrators, and actually drove the white supremacist groups into that illegally assembled crowd of armed-and-ready rabble-rousers.

But hey, we’re used to the FakeNews double standard by now.

The police know it, the town officials know it, the Governor knows it, and the Democrats in Congress know it…but then, lying about it to attack the President is what they do.

Why spineless Republicans don’t challenge them for it remains a mystery.

If the Left wants eradication of slave-enabler memories, the Democrat Party MUST GO

If a history of ‘change for the good’ isn’t enough for America; if where we are now isn’t enough to soothe a memory of where we were then – apply that principle evenly.

Can’t have it both ways, Lefties: if the past is still haunting you, then the Democrat Party must go…because they were the primary enablers of the slave-trade, and all it entails.

Claiming (falsely, if that matters) that it’s a ‘different Party now’ doesn’t matter, because America is a different country now…and that’s not enough for the rabble-rousers.

Give ’em what they want. The Left has decreed…

…now doesn’t matter, it’s all about what happened then.

Can’t eradicate the history of slavery, without eradicating its enablers.

Bye, bye Democrat Party.

When did calling for reasonable debate become radical?

Who would’ve thought Bill Kristol would ever sucker-punch Tucker Carlson?

Watching the Right tear itself apart must be rewarding for the Left.

But there is need for discussion on how to handle memorials to this Nation’s heritage, and Tucker Carlson has a point in stating the obvious – where does it end?

The Left is intent on destroying the Constitution, and he makes the case that this latest tragedy in Charlottesville is a manifestation, by de-legitimizing the Founding Fathers.

Any intelligent student of American history knows the Confederacy was NOT just about keeping slavery in the South, it was one of many issues, including states’ rights.

Allowing the Left to make it all about slavery opens the door, if we forget that America is more than just its Founding Fathers…and ignore one other inconvenient truth…

…slavery was one component of a many-sided issue, and to the credit of a Republican Party founded on an anti-slavery platform, emancipation of slaves was accomplished.

Hundreds of thousands died during the Civil War to end slavery, but as many thousands on the Confederate side fought and died for states’ rights, not just to keep slavery alive.

But this can’t be about who Americans were then…it’s about who we’ve become now, and how we’re dealing with the issues of today. Whitewashing history changes nothing.

Free speech doesn’t come with a ‘political correctness’ caveat. Statues are a symbol of free expression by citizens, and a Democrat South paid for and created the memorials.

Confederate statues weren’t just symbolized to celebrate a fight to keep slavery alive, and it’s disingenuous for the Left and FakeNews media to suggest otherwise.

But if the Left insists on toppling statues in the name of eradicating all that symbolizes slavery, they must also insist on eradicating the Party that erected them…