OMG – more spent on taxes annually than on food & clothing combined

Here’s a nice little statistic for you as Pres. Trump opens up the ‘lower-taxes’ dialogue.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, annually, Americans spend more on taxes than food and clothing combined…what a way to start the looming tax-reform debate.

That’s federal, state, and local combined, by the way.

Before anyone blows it off as just an incidental, you should also know that ‘consumer-unit’ tax bill ballooned from $7.4k annually in 2013, to $10.5k in 2016…up 42%!

Thank you, Mr. Obama!!

Let this sink in, people, before you hear the media-Democrat FakeNews machine gear up and start warning everyone of dire end-of-days consequences if taxes are lowered.

And, as noted previously, don’t let their LIES dissuade you from cold, hard facts:

  • Reagan & Bush tax cuts gave a HUGE boost to our economy;
  • Higher income earners pay a disproportionately HIGHER tax percentage;
  • ‘Revenue-neutral’ cries simply veil their out-of-control SPENDING problem.

As stated, and as the IBD article outlines, these facts are irrefutable.

We hope the spineless GOP Congress backs the President’s play.

It would also behoove the Democrat constituents to consider very carefully why they’ll listen to Democrat rhetoric warning about GOP tax-cuts only benefiting the wealthy…

…when it’s ONLY the wealthy fat-cat insurance companies who continue to receive tens of billions from the Democrat healthcare scam known as Obamacare.

When it comes to policy that benefits the wealthy, Democrat politicians have no equal.

The only thing more criminal than Democrats like Schumer pretending otherwise…

…is a FakeNews media that lets such lies and double-dealing go unchallenged.

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