Seems being a ‘Poverty Law Center’ pays off…big time

Reports indicate the Southern ‘Poverty’ Law Center is…anything but.

A fund-raising powerhouse? $328 million in net assets…? …Millions transferred to offshore accounts? Paying themselves $20 million in huge annual salaries?

Whoa, standing up for the victim-class pays off…but one can’t help wondering…

…wouldn’t those $328 million in assets, and millions transferred to offshore accounts be put to better use in the pockets and accounts of the poor they claim to champion?

Their “What We Do” cites a ‘3-pronged strategy to battle racial and social injustice’:

  1. Fighting hate
  2. Teaching tolerance
  3. Seeking justice

Damn!! Who knew battling racial and social injustice could be so…profitable?

But considering the uncommon financial revelations not usual for a non-profit, we would suggest that their 3-prong strategy is more accurately described as:

  • Reaping huge donations;
  • Creating extremely profitable assets; and
  • Offshoring their lucrative results…

…’cuz you can damn well bet the ‘injustice’ victims will never see dime one.

The good news is ‘racial and social injustice’ must be at a standstill after their lucrative battles…because legal services only cost ’em $61k for their 75 lawyers on staff in 2015.

(Guess they must’a won all the BIG battles earlier, hunhh?!?)

We had no idea a 75-lawyer stable would be willing to accept a puny $800 each in fees!

Bottom line…there are pretty odd goings-on at the Southern Poverty Law Center. But then, why would they care how we characterize their profitable financial excesses?

After all, they can just dismiss BlueCollar as just another Hate Group.

Problem solved.

(But, hey – considering the lawsuits they’re getting hit with now for hate-mongering…

…they’d better funnel those $328 million in assets offshore…post-haste.)

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