Mr. President, there’s an easy response when falsely accused of racism…

As the FakeNews media continues distorting and flat-out lying about his Charlottesville remarks, it’s reported the President’s having a hard time trying to blunt racism charges.

But, it’s not hard to deal with accusations of racism, if you remember it’s history.

The President can simply reply…

…’hey, wait a minute, buddy – I’m not a Democrat.’

Then, as a flummoxed media tries to work up an appropriate flamethrower response, he can add (as we noted in previous blogs)…‘history proves Democrats OWN that title.’

Then, point out media distortions meant to paint him ‘racist’ merely proves THEY ARE.

Both sides in the Charlottesville rioting were on the Left, despite ‘alt-Right’ claims. Any assertion to the contrary is just an outright lie; organizers are provably liars.

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