White House-orchestrated DoJ coverup of Hillary’s email scandal WAY beyond Watergate

Those now comparing Hillary’s email scandal to the Watergate scandal seem focused only on her. But it’s Obama’s Justice Dept appointees doing the dirty work, and it’s really about veiling HIS culpability…

..’cuz he was private-emailing too.

So, yeah, it was about a (President) Nixon cover-up then, just as it’s (not so much a Hillary cover-up as) a President Obama cover-up now.

And before Liberals start asking why it even really matters, remember the FBI did find indications emails were HACKED (which jeopardized national security)…

…including emails revealing Amb. Stevens’s activities JUST PRIOR to a Benghazi tragedy…that claimed 4 American lives….including Amb. Stevens.

And, please remember…NO ONE DIED from the Watergate scandal.

Yeah…it matters.

This is way beyond a Watergate-level scandal…

…Obama’s and Clinton’s unsecured email activities cost American lives.



(UPDATED) Don’t be surprised if Hillary drops out…and Michelle O steps in…

With the latest rumors swirling, sounds like Wikileaks will drop a bombshell on Hillary this next week.

We’ve said it before…don’t be surprised to see Michelle Obama ‘talked into running’ to save the Democrats, when Hillary goes down.

Actually, we wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the Obamas have been behind this Wikileaks effort all along.

Certainly would explain why Democrats were so willing to serve up such a flawed candidate, wouldn’t it? Wait for it…

After all…wasn’t it an Obama-ite who said…

“Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste”?

We predicted something like this in our April post, re, Michelle O stepping in…

…Woman? Check

…Outsider? Check

…Minority Vote-Getter? Check. Check.

All it will take is one Wikileaks email dump making Hillary radioactive.

This week is gonna be interesting, folks.

(UPDATE) Another scenario to consider if Hillary is forced out is asking VP contender Kaine to step up to the Presidential slot, then Kaine chooses Michelle O for VP slot.

You’d think a sexual predator’s accomplice would be more newsworthy

For all the media’s focus on dubious claims from adult industry bimbo’s that Trump molested/pawed/innuendoed them decades ago, there’s a perfect comeback…

…why doesn’t a sexual predator’s ACCOMPLICE like Hillary get more scrutiny?

Bill Clinton’s predation is fact, as is Hillary’s coordinated effort to destroy his victims.

Media should be reminded of this whenever they hit Trump with ‘sudden revelations’ that are of suspect origins, since his accusers never stepped forward before.

Such a response from Trump could blunt their tactics and draw blood on this issue.

But, then, would it matter? For media, seems ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ never happens…

…when it’s a Clinton’s blood being drawn.

And, if media protests that Bill Clinton’s not on the ticket, the response is obvious…

…his accomplice IS. 

There’s a very simple reason why Obamacare spiking rates were exposed now…

There’s a simple reason why Obamacare spiking rates were exposed pre-election…

…Democrats can blame the Republican-led Congress for not fixing it.

The miserable law should have been repealed, but the GOP has left it on the books to fester, believing it will somehow get tied to their Democrat opponents’ tails.

But Democrats aren’t stupid…Republicans haven’t done what needed to be done.

And if you think Democrat candidates in tight congressional races aren’t sharpening that message for these last days before the election, you’ve got bats in your belfry.

Liar-in-Chief exposed…again…

More proof Obama lied about knowledge of Hillary’s private email account…

…surprise, surprise, surprise.

Now you see why Obama’s Justice Department refused to indict her

Obama himself would have been caught up in the process.

If Martha Stewart went to jail simply for claiming she did nothing wrong…Obama and Clinton should be going through a federal prison wardrobe-fitting right now.

(Along with her lawyers, if they weren’t okay’d to receive classified info sent them.)

And why haven’t any of the gutless GOP congressmen initiated impeachment?

(Oohhh, that’s right…we mentioned ‘gutless’, hanh?)

Voters on Nov 8th have a clear choice…

…Rule of Law…or Rule of Democrats.

Obamacare-squeezed middle class belies Hillary’s claim as their champion

As Obamacare rates continue to skyrocket, it financially rapes the very Middle-Class that Hillary Clinton and Democrats claim to care so much about.

That income class is the primary support group of the 100% Democrat-imposed law.

If anyone needs any proof that Hillary and her Democrat cohort lie about supporting middle-class Americans…

…just Google rate-hike predictions by Obamacare providers.