…if ‘the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 election’ FED the Democrats’ sleaze dossier…

If the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 election is truly the focus of the Mueller probe, then it has to lead to the Democrats…who funded the creation of a sleaze-doc ‘dossier’ that’s entirely built from Russian-provided anonymous sources.

One would think that Mr. Mueller would be interested in determining if Democrat smear tactics that resulted in Russian-provided dirt were used against a presidential campaign, but of course the problem is it was a Republican campaign targeted, which is…okay?

Good news is, there’s a House and Senate investigation, and light may yet shine.

As Mr. McGurn writes in the Wall Street Journal …this week, thanks to a congressional committee’s persistence, we may find out the answer to what surely is a much more combustible question: whether a presidential campaign was able to leverage opposition research based on Russian disinformation to bring about an FBI investigation into its rival’s campaign.” (bold emphasis added)

Mueller may yet do the right thing – considering the Congress is sure to if he doesn’t.

As much as Democrats have screamed about foreign collusion interfering with our American election process, you would think ANY interference of that nature to be held under a bright shining light of truth would be a GOOD thing.

Let’s hope so.

Refusing to report facts, the FakeNews MEDIA has been – and still is – colluding w-Russia

Yeah, now we know the Democrats paid FusionGPS through a law-firm to hire Steele to create a sleaze-doc based on solicited smears from Russia to delegitimize Pres Trump.

But, rather than take the easy road and blame Democrats for all the unrest in America’s political arena present-day, we’re going a step further…we blame the FakeNews media.

After all, without FakeNews, the Trump-Russia false narrative would’ve died long ago.

TRUTH – there’s NO evidence that Trump’s team criminally colluded with Russia.

And now that Democrats are involved, FakeNews media masters still refuse to report a simple, PROVABLE truth that could put this baloney to rest…and let us get on with life.

TRUTH – there’s mountains of financial evidence that reveals Democrats may have.

Continuing to support a fake narrative feeds the Left’s unrest – MEDIA is colluding w-Russia to upset the lives of Americans, and keep the hostilities and uneasiness alive.

The Democrat-Left will take advantage, of course (as they always do)…

…but the Left-wing media is America’s REAL enemy.

Mr. President, with latest revelations, the belabored Mueller needs a co-counsel and MORE lawyers on his team

This would be CLASSIC Donald Trump…

…far from firing special counsel Mueller, he should ask his AG to ADD a co-counsel and more lawyers to that Russia collusion team, to help investigate Democrat involvement.

Double down…Mr. President.

AG Jeff Sessions could add Rudy Giuliani as special co-counsel, and of course, at that point Rudy will have to pick his own team of lawyers to help in the heavy lifting.

Of course, AG Sessions recused himself from the initial special counsel issue, but with the latest revelations of Democrat chicanery, he has every right to assert himself now.

This puts Ass’t AG Rosenstein and Mueller in a difficult position…to refuse would make it appear as if THEY’RE trying to cover up or otherwise veil the exposed Democrats.

(It also guarantees that inconvenient evidence won’t go down a memory hole.)

And, making the suggestion will create an uproar in the media that will ultimately further reveal the lengths Democrats, from Obama’s OFA to Hillary and the DNC, went to buy a phony FusionGPS-Steele sleaze-doc in order to smear Trump, and win the Presidency.

Game On.

If $6,500 in Facebook ads swayed the election, Hillary owes supporters the $1,190,993,500 she raised

Now that the only ‘Russia collusion’ that can be proven is against Democrats, they’ve had to go back to blaming Russian Facebook ads as the cause of swaying voters.

But only $6500 worth of those ads ran after Mr. Trump won the nomination.

Hillary raised almost $1.2 BILLION during her campaign run.

She probably didn’t spend EVERY dime of the money, but if she wants to blame $6.5k in ads on her loss...then Democrats need to reimburse supporters a lot of money.

(And they should have a HUGE problem convincing donors to give in the future.)

Democrats don’t like gun-control laws when those laws target…criminals?

At the end of the latest legislation session Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed a bill removing mandatory enhanced sentencing for criminals who use guns in the commission of their crimes.” (bold, underline emphasis added)

You can’t make this IDIOCY up. Democrats are okay with criminals using guns to break the law, ‘cuz, what… otherwise – who would take a criminal without a gun seriously?

Glad they cleared that up for us.

…besides…none of the ‘indictments’ actually involved Trump’s campaign or its collusion…

Our previous blog suggests the President should leave Mueller right where he is, in the age-old tradition of ‘never stop an opponent in a hole from digging deeper.’

Evidence of Democrat collusion is mushrooming, and the fact that Mueller’s ignoring the growing case against Democrats doesn’t score him any points with an American public sick and tired of the ‘laws for thee, but not for me’ mentality such willful blindness yields.

Besides – none of today’s indictments involved Trump’s campaign or GOP collusion.

Why ‘fire’ Mueller? His actions show him for what he is…

Democrats caution Trump against firing Robert Mueller after indictments in Russia investigation Fire Mueller? Why in the world would he do that?

For once, we agree with all the hype of Democrats blustering that the President better keep his hands off the special counsel…nothing gets the grassroots fired up more than unlawful acts that go unpunished – this is a PRIME example of such behavior.

Evidence recently uncovered shows Democrats colluded BIG TIME with foreign and domestic dirt-dealing, in an attempt to interfere with the American election process.

We predict Mueller could well be the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ for the President. In what appears to be a wholesale exoneration of Democrat collusion, Mueller’s totally exposed.

If anything, such a partisan actor will solidify and build on President Trump’s support.

Millions of Democrat dollars flowed through their collusion efforts, there seems no end to the volcanic mountain of evidence suddenly building to support this discovery, and there’s not one shred of an indication that Mueller will be inclined to pursue this.

In keeping with the age-old euphemism ‘never stop opponents when they’re digging a hole for themselves’…Mr. President – we heartily implore you to follow that advice…

…leave this Democrat guttersnipe Mueller right where he is.

(Just do us a favor and remember Sandy ‘Socks’ Berger. When Mueller and his team leave the office every day, check their clothing…because we need to keep close tabs on what evidence Mueller-&-Co. may ‘inadvertently’ try to send down the memory hole.)

Indictments ‘send a message’? Yeah – change your party affiliation to Democrat

Washington Examiner headline: Former assistant US attorney: Robert Mueller indictments send tough message to other witnesses

Pull quote “A former federal prosecutor who helped take down mob boss John Gotti said the indictments released Monday by special counsel Robert Mueller are a strong indication that his team is looking to play hardball with other witnesses for the remainder of the Russia probe.”

Yeah – if you’re a Republican.

Democrats, on the other hand, get a Free Pass.

The REAL message from Mueller indictments? Change party affiliation to ‘Democrat’.

Problem solved – just ask Hillary.