Mr. President, with latest revelations, the belabored Mueller needs a co-counsel and MORE lawyers on his team

This would be¬†CLASSIC Donald Trump…

…far from firing special counsel Mueller, he should ask his AG to ADD a co-counsel and more lawyers to that Russia collusion team, to help investigate¬†Democrat involvement.

Double down…Mr. President.

AG Jeff Sessions could add Rudy Giuliani as special co-counsel, and of course, at that point Rudy will have to pick his own team of lawyers to help in the heavy lifting.

Of course, AG Sessions recused himself from the initial special counsel issue, but with the latest revelations of Democrat chicanery, he has every right to assert himself now.

This puts Ass’t AG Rosenstein and Mueller in a difficult position…to refuse would make it appear as if THEY’RE trying to cover up or otherwise veil the exposed Democrats.

(It also guarantees that inconvenient evidence won’t go down a memory hole.)

And, making the suggestion will create an uproar in the media that will ultimately further reveal the lengths Democrats, from Obama’s OFA to Hillary and the DNC, went to buy a phony FusionGPS-Steele sleaze-doc in order to smear Trump, and win the Presidency.

Game On.

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