Refusing to report facts, the FakeNews MEDIA has been – and still is – colluding w-Russia

Yeah, now we know the Democrats paid FusionGPS through a law-firm to hire Steele to create a sleaze-doc based on solicited smears from Russia to delegitimize Pres Trump.

But, rather than take the easy road and blame Democrats for all the unrest in America’s political arena present-day, we’re going a step further…we blame the FakeNews media.

After all, without FakeNews, the Trump-Russia false narrative would’ve died long ago.

TRUTH – there’s NO evidence that Trump’s team criminally colluded with Russia.

And now that Democrats are involved, FakeNews media masters still refuse to report a simple, PROVABLE truth that could put this baloney to rest…and let us get on with life.

TRUTH – there’s mountains of financial evidence that reveals Democrats may have.

Continuing to support a fake narrative feeds the Left’s unrest – MEDIA is colluding w-Russia to upset the lives of Americans, and keep the hostilities and uneasiness alive.

The Democrat-Left will take advantage, of course (as they always do)…

…but the Left-wing media is America’s REAL enemy.

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