Left’s media stranglehold got you down? Our Constitution IS the solution

Reading an “How much more powerful are the media than you?” American Thinker article could depress every honest American, unless they start thinking outside the box.

So, yes, what follows is absolutely (and, sadly) very true – an Unconstitutional Congress ABRIDGES our freedoms, by letting Leftist media go unchallenged.

For too long, the Left has used the First Amendment as their shield, emphasizing its clause that “Congress shall make no laws abridging the freedom of…the press.”

Get out of that box! They use it to attack us…we can use it for defense!

Hey, maybe they can’t be stopped (abridged) from spewing their Leftist bile on us…but Congress CAN make laws expanding alternative media platforms to counter that bile.

What’s stopping them from giving conservatives a proportionate, equal voice – using the Congressional powers given them by the Constitution…that’s meant to protect us?

Seems odd, no? Congress has no problem passing laws that hem us in, but never has the guts to pass laws that free us from Leftist madness, and giving us an equal voice.

After all, the Constitution was written to protect us from tyrannical government. Isn’t it time to demand that Congress stop burdening Americans, and start making life easier?

(And, we could make the case that allowing a Leftist media to continue its stranglehold on American culture without enabling an alternative voice for traditional American values actually ABRIDGES our freedom, to live a fulfilling life…and let our voices be heard.)

Think about it – they passed laws subsidizing Elon Musk, and (liberal) NPR…

…why not subsidize Joe-&-Jane America’s voice, counteracting Leftist bile?

It’s time to demand Republicans in Congress grow a SPINE…or elect those who already have one. Then, begin implementing the Constitution for its original purpose…

…to subsidize the Real America.

An effectively used Constitution is not the problem…it’s the solution.

Simple FACTUAL reasoning supports the anti-Covid ‘vaccine’ crowd

So, here we are, subject to entrenched politicians and appointees (turned millionaires during their time in office), passing laws they exempt themselves from, while

  1. telling Americans we must take a vaccine
  2. from makers Congress exempted from vaccine-effect liability
  3. and (by the way) exempting themselves from vaccine mandates
  4. after changing the ‘vaccine’ definition from ‘immunizing’ to ‘lessens severity’

Red flags, anyone? Anyone?

And, then there’s the technical side of the issue, for those of us who actually trust the natural immune system we’ve been gifted with, all these many years on Earth…

…our immune system makes antibodies, that diminish over time – but also creates T & B killer-cells that retain memory of viral signatures, providing long-term protection.

Not so, with mRNA so-called vaccines…“A natural immune response occurs when the killer cells’ memory sees any one of the numerous viral protein “spikes.” Vaccination with mRNA gene therapy teaches the immune system to identify and respond to only ONE protein spike. Natural immunity is stronger and more protective than mRNA injection, even with boosters.” (bold, CAPS emphasis added)

But single-spike-protein vaccines are a gift that keeps on giving for Big Pharma, ‘cuz they require – yup – booster shots, as the virus mutates to its next spike-protein variant.

Hmmm…why would this Democrat administration ignore natural immunity for vaccines that DON’T IMMUNIZE…and only target 1 spike protein at a time…requiring boosters?

More red flags? You betcha…big FACTUAL red flags.

A vaccine that DOESN’T immunize, and doesn’t protect from future mutations, that won’t defend you from contagion – but GUARANTEES continual money in the bank  for Big Pharma, and the politicians & appointees forcing vaccines on the American public.

Oh, what…did you think their vaccines and boosters were free? Guess again: taxdollars pay for each and every jab…that’s BILLIONS for Big Pharma fatcats. Motive, anyone?

(Side Note: wasn’t it Obama and Democrats, in the Obamacare runup, declaring health-care as a ‘right’ for Americans? But now, all of a sudden, our tax-dollars are paying for that right. If it’s a ‘right’, shouldn’t Big Pharma dole out the jabs free of charge?)

(Especially since they DON’T WORK AS ‘VACCINES’?)

Red flags? Oh, well…what do red flags really mean, anyway?

We’ll leave you with this little gem: “NFL is 95% vaccinated, the NBA is 97% vaccinated, the NHL is nearly 100% vaccinated. All three leagues are still overwhelmed with Covid cases and hitting new Covid case highs. So how is Joe Biden arguing vaccines will end Covid? The pro sports leagues prove that’s 100% a lieThe sports leagues all have levels of covid vaccination that are nearly 100%. The players are far younger and healthier than the overall population. Yet they are all overrun with Covid. The pro sports leagues data definitively prove that vaccines won’t end Covid. Biden’s lying.”

Anti-Covid ‘vaccine’? Any honest American would concede that these facts make the case.

Case closed.

Jail ’em!!! Criminal blockade on low-cost EFFECTIVE treatments deserves swift justice

As the evidence mounts up, it’s becoming more obvious that affordable treatments like Ivermectin can save lives…but not if we continue to allow the greedy calling the tune.

At the Citizen Free Press website (citing Johns Hopkins data), a map and graph of African nations using Ivermectin vs those not tell a tale

Headlined at the Zero Hedge website on Monday: “Hospitalizations, Mortality Cut In Half After Brazilian City Offered Ivermectin To Everyone Pre-Vaccine”

And today, the inestimable Andrea Widburg, writing at the American Thinker, indicts the Left for it’s greed-driven coverup “The left’s resistance to Ivermectin is shameful”

The truth will out…

…and, Andrea, in our humble opinion, it’s not only shameful…it’s INDICTABLE.

Dumb ‘vaccine’ memes – Who honestly believes they’re convincing?

Meme away, Facebook robots, it just makes you look unthinking or dumb, cuz, Bottom Line? A vaccine that doesn’t immunize isn’t a vaccine…hysteria notwithstanding.

Those who buy into the whole ‘Trust Us’ scenario as regards this hysteria are free to do so…but thinking, reasoning Americans see this for what it is – a Big Pharma bonanza.

(Sadly, at American taxpayer expense.)

Regardless of reason, those who justify taking a CDC-redefined vaccine shouldn’t conflate arguments about its failure to immunize with comments about ingredients

…that’s not the issue.

Any attempt to make it the issue is nothing but a smokescreen, yet desperate memes float throughout Facebook daily, comparing what’s not known about ingredients in the ‘vaccine’ with not knowing secret recipes to Kentucky Fried Chicken or aspirin…

(…as if no one realizes aspirin WORKS, and – yes – fried chicken IS food…)

…but the CDC-redefined ‘vaccine’ doesn’t immunize – THAT’S the real issue.

(And don’t get us started on Gov’t-forced medical treatment: when was the last time Uncle Sam passed a Kentucky Fried Chicken or aspirin consumption mandate?)

People, people, people – flu shots lessen flu severity/impactvaccines immunize you from getting a disease…no amount of CDC redefinition can change that fact.

Just own your full trust in government, or the uncertainty they’ve sown amongst you.

If you choose to ignore the fact that their vaccine 1) doesn’t immunize, 2) doesn’t halt contagion and that 3) case counts and 4) death counts have actually increased since their introduction – that’s on you……but leave thinking, reasoning Americans alone.

We see through the smokescreen. Live with your choice…we’re willing to live with ours.

And, for the love of all that’s Holy, please meme intelligently.