Liberals are about to learn: Nothing gets you focused, like life-threatening reality

It started as an Exercise in Futility…arguing with haters determined to believe lies.

While the Nation struggles to deal with this administration’s string of failed policies, it became clear the answer is not to cite facts…or evidence proving facts…to Democrats.

No reasonable American believes open borders allowing an unchecked flood of drugs, illegal aliens (that includes criminals, terrorists), and child-trafficking is a good thing.

No reasonable American ignores the economic damage, and hardship to lower income families, brought on by policies that fuel sky-high inflation driving costs through the roof.

No reasonable American thinks it acceptable for partisan investigations to ignore, or exclude, FACTS – that a lawful DC protest was infested with false-flag rabble-rousers.

But the unreasonable – those determined to believe obvious lies – don’t see a problem.

WON’T see any problem.

That could all change in the next few months…when they come face-to-face with a cold hard reality. A reality that specifically threatens their lives, and lives of their loved ones.

Whether feloniously a) erasing emails, b) mishandling classified documents, or c) taking million$ from foreigners, being Democrat has meant not having to answer for crimes…

…and meant always being determined to believe (proven) lies against non-Democrats.

They’re determined to believe lies – why waste time trying to change their mind? Let the current Washington regime do it for you…hold on tight, ‘cuz it may be starting.

We’re about to learn an interesting lesson: how conspiracy theories become Conspiracy Realities in our Woke new world, where men are women and laws don’t apply (to d’s)…

…and, ironically, dangerous self involvement is key – because nothing will move them off their ‘refuse-to-accept-reality’ ball faster than ‘mystery’ injury and Sudden Death.

If there’s any good news from all this, it’s that the Dems deceit and corruption is so obvious now, what was once thought paranoid conspiracy theory is seen as possible

…even (dare we say it?) probable.

If you want to call it ‘good news’ there’s one ray of light in this frustration of arguing with those determined to believe lies: injurious, deadly Covid ‘vaccine’ cases are piling up…

…and those determined to believe lies are seeing it’s deadly results affect them.

They say a ‘Conservative’ is a Liberal who got mugged, then saw the light. Well, guess what reactions will be when it’s realized vaccinated are hurt worse than the unvaxxed.

One can only imagine the imminent upheaval, as Liberals realize they’ve been mugged by Big Pharma, and elitist federal agencies & officials bent on their hidden agenda.

Wake up and smell the emergency-authorized toxic vaccines, people.

Isn’t anyone curious why there’s never been a ‘new-&-improved’ version announced?

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