If 66% polled say Hillary’s email scandal hurt National Security…it means 34% who don’t think so are idiots

Anyone following the news by now clearly knows Hillary used her private email server for communicating while she conducted the Nation’s business as Secretary of State.

So, when you see a headline that says: 66% Fear Hillary’s Private Emails Hurt National Security, then readthose following the email scandal closely’ were polled…

…it begs the question…

…are the 34% who don’t see it hurting national security idiots?

‘Those following the email scandal closely’ know she did not use gov’t provided (thus, much more secure) email…and reports indicate her private account was hacked.

How does anyone think that wouldn’t hurt national security?

The 34% are either idiots, or indifferent…so long as she’s Democrat.


GOP should inoculate themselves against Clinton tactics

Considering the national security laws she broke while Secretary of State, it should be obvious by now that charges must be brought against Hillary Clinton.

But indicting her before a Republican is elected president in 2016 is problematic. If his Dept of Justice indicts Hillary, Obama can just pardon her. But, will he okay indicting her?

Problem is, if charges aren’t brought, for much of 2016 Hillary can claim it’s all hot air, and her proof is, because charges HAVEN’T been brought forward…it’s all ‘just politics’.

Republicans should clearly define the laws she broke, their concerns over the possibility of an 11th hour pardon from Obama, and that Americans would be denied true justice.

The GOP must lay out the criminal nature of the laws she broke, and the resulting impact.

In areas where Middle East policy failed (Benghazi, Syria, ISIL, etc), a case can be made how hacked emails off her private server caused loss of life, and other failures.

Make Obama’s administration produce her emails…after all, the NSA has all of yours.

Seriously? Iron-fisted Union head says enforcing American law is…hateful…?

Incredibly, the same thug who runs a Union (enforcing their rules with lead-pipe efficiency) says that Republicans, who want America’s law enforced, are hateful.

Is there a more clear definition of ‘the pot calling the kettle black’?

Unions sent death threats to Gov. Walker’s wife, suggesting his assassination, or that of the elderly parents or their kids. Members of Local 17 stabbed a company executive in the neck, and threatened a company representative’s wife with rape.

But of course, AFL-CIO’s Trumka sees nothing hateful with legitimate union activity.

Union members must be so proud.

Is Liberal media prepping the field to whitewash Democrat failures in Middle East?

Right on cue, Lib media preps an ‘underestimating ISIS not Democrat’s fault’ meme.

The NY Times implies ‘even Obama was misled’ by false progress against ISIS.


After ISIS/ISIL rose to prominence in Syria in 2011, is it logical to believe numerous U.S. intel groups covering data-gathering waited 4 more years to imply such acts?

There are too many cooks in that kitchen. With the sycophants surrounding Obama, it’s stretching the realm of sanity to suggest he just now found out he was misled.

It’s not hard to believe this is just a ploy to whitewash his failed MidEast policies.

(Besides…would Sid Blumenthal EVER admit the wool was pulled over his eyes?)

Effective GOP candidates should play their own Trump card

As the media plays him up, Donald Trump is sucking all the oxygen in the room.

That’s not to say he’s completely wrong on issues, but his selling points are playing to the crowd that makes up primaries…not the main event in November 2016.

Effective GOP candidates should use Trump-etings that resonate with primary-goers, then add their twist to 1) strengthen their bonafides, and 2) weaken his.

For instance, Scott Walker’s background can electrify a middle class audience.

At his next event, he can apologize if he’s late, then explain he stuck his thumb out as Trump’s helicopter went by but it wouldn’t stop, so his pickup got stuck in traffic.

In a cheerful and upbeat way, he just branded Trump a rich, chopper-privileged guy (who won’t stop to help the less fortunate), and himself a traffic-weary Every-Guy.

As a followup, he could joke with motive: Trump knew he’d never get Walker’s vote (playing on free chopper rides a vote-pandering Donald gave Iowa fair-goers’ kids).

With Walker’s blue-collar style, he can push policy issues across similarly.

The media will enable Donald Trump as long as he keeps frustrating Republicans. If they can’t beat the GOP one way, they’ll do everything to beat them another way.

Republican candidates aren’t just fighting Trump…

…they’re fighting The Donald’s media enablers too.

But most GOP-ers mistrust the media…that can be used to Trump’s disadvantage as well. (Walker) “Looks like the media really loves this guy…what does that say?”

In business, an effective salesman uses a competitor’s strength against them. It’s no stretch of the imagination to believe the same tactic is effective in politics.

It’s time they used that method to get their message out.

In our humble opinion.

DOJ says guns don’t kill people…blacks with guns kill people…

“According to the US Department of Justice, blacks accounted for 52.5% of homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008, with whites 45.3% and “Other” 2.2%. The offending rate for blacks was almost 8 percentage points higher than whites…”

52.5% of homicides, committed by 12% of the population.

But hey, don’t focus on the gunman…just the gun?