Hmmm…what stopped Biden from invoking his years as V.P. for ‘The One’, to defuse Kamala?

Kamala Harris ripped Joe Biden about his segregationist, anti-busing background, and Ole Joe just sat there and took it…when he had the perfect rebuttal for his defense.

Reminding Kamala-&-co that he was Barack Obama’s chosen Vice President, which is the perfect piece of Kryptonite that could shut down ANYONE’S insinuation he’s racist.

It’s public knowledge that Obama won’t endorse him, but up until last night Joe never hesitated to invoke the Obama-Biden relationship over 8 years…what’s different now?

‘Folksy Joe’ could’ve said ‘…you know, Kamala, how can there be ANY doubt as to my history of work for the black community, with Barack Obama choosing me as VP?’

BOOM! It would’ve been that easy to shut it down. But he didn’t. Either the old politician has lost his mojo…or, has he been told by Obama to back off about the relationship?

(And, if told to back off, what do they have on him that will enforce the warning?)


“…he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…”

Ten words destroy the Democrat ‘impeach-for-obstruction’ narrative.

Article II, Section 3: “…he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…”

Knowing the Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ premise was a hoax, the President was bound by our U.S. Constitution…as the head of the Executive branch of government…to fight it.

Never has so much effort been directed against an innocent man refusing to be hung.

There are two types of ‘impeach-for-obstruction’ proponents – those who know the ‘collusion-with-Russia’ investigation was a hoax, and those who believe it to be true.

It’s impossible to change the mind of those deliberately, knowingly pushing a hoax. The challenge is to make the case with those who don’t know the probe’s a hoax.

There are four facts that make the case…

FACT: EVERY alleged crime in the probe lacks evidence to back them up.

FACT: EVERY alleged crime in the probe has been, and continues to be, unproven.

FACT: EVERY alleged crime in the probe is based on Democrat opposition research.

FACT: NONE of the alleged charges were based on Federal agency findings.

Knowing this, only the most head-in-the-sand devotee will deny the probe was a hoax.

That said, ‘faithfully executing the law’ demands a President take steps to end it.

Obstruction? Of a HOAX? Damn right he should obstruct a hoax. 

Mueller investigation legitimacy can be DESTROYED with one question…

O-M-G: the Left is ecstatic that Mueller will testify at a House hearing.

Can you say ‘NOTHING-BURGER’?

There’s ONLY ONE QUESTION that needs answering at that hearing…

Mr. Mueller – can you justify an investigation, and establishment of a special counsel, based on unsubstantiated opponent research completely funded by Democrats?

‘Hacking’ claims? A CrowdStrike analysis…funded by Democrats.

‘Collusion’ claims? A dirt-dossier analysis…funded by Democrats.

We repeat, for absolute clarity…

Hack analysis, Trump campaign foreign collusion unsubstantiated by federal agencies.



But, okay, let’s put the Hearing into overdrive with one more question…

Mr. Mueller, if Russia ‘meddling in the American election process’ was your focus, why wasn’t the provable Democrat collusion included as part of your report?

If migrant detention centers are ‘torture facilities’…Democrats are the luring Pied Pipers enticing them to enter

The ‘mouth that mewled’ Ocasio-Cortez bemoans detention centers as torture facilities, but ignores the fact Democrat rhetoric is luring the illegal immigrants into them.

It must be so comfortable – creating a crisis with bad legislation, expanding the crisis with enticement rhetoric, extending the crisis by refusing to fix the legislation, then…

…blaming Republicans for the crisis DEMOCRATS create, expand, extend, and exploit.

A comfort that only a deceitful, enabling news media provides.

Ssooo…why isn’t there a ‘United States of Africa’…?

“Rutgers to Host ‘Dismantling White Organizational Culture’ Event”

Another day, another attack against whites. When did it become necessary to apologize for achievement? And, when did failure of others become the fault of the achievers?

Some of the oldest civilizations identified have been in Africa. As a continent, it has a massive 20% of the world’s total land area, with all the natural resources that entails.

(Got that? The African continent is 3x the land mass of the USA.)

Arguably, it’s head start on civilizations and natural resource abundance could’ve been the impetus to make Africa a world leader, a super-power…yet it remains what it is.

Well, but they were colonized, occupied by European nations, some will argue.

Yeah? Well, America was ruled by England before throwing off the yoke.

At risk of being labeled ‘racist’, it has to be said – Africa’s failure isn’t America’s fault.

‘Dismantling a white organizational culture’? WHY?

How does destroying success solve the problems of other nations’ failures?

Here’s a thought…

…isn’t it more constructive to BUILD a successful non-white organizational culture?

And, maybe it would help if non-whites realized they were a part of America’s success.

Our schools, media, and political landscape should reinforce that understanding, rather than rushing to destroy the model of success they should be taking credit for building.

…and this is why the two Parties can no longer get along…

Incivility, rioting, and violence have become the norm in political discourse.

But it’s only practiced by ONE side. Antifa, BlackLivesMatter, OccupyWallSt all practice violent unrest and chaos in the streets to put their point across…that being HATE.

(And, before anyone invokes Charlottesville, we note that the orchestration of the White Supremacist rally in that city was by Left-wing activists posing as alt-Right extremists.)

That said, while violent, they may make up a small part of the Democrat Party, so is it fair to say moderate, thoughtful Democrats are to be lumped in with the ne’er-do-wells?

Let’s answer this way: moderate? How is justifying killing a new-born ‘moderate’?

Thoughtful? How is allowing faulty immigration legislation that ENCOURAGES abuse of thousands of illegal immigrant children by force-marching them 1000 miles ‘thoughtful’?

Why go any further? Just those two issues expose HUGE moral failures on the Left.

And when Life begins is splitting a hair no Pro-Life advocate condones. Logic dictates: without conception, there is no Life. Logically, Life begins at conception. As for illegal immigrant child abuse…it started when the journey started. Logically, if the child never left their home to make the 1000-mile trek, there wouldn’t be a problem at the border.


The Democrat position on abortion and open borders ALONE display the vile nature of the Party at its core: how, then, is it possible to be civil with any of its supporters?

Sure, we could go on: their energy policy drives up costs, hurting low-income’ers and poor the most. Their economic policy causes high unemployment, hurting minorities. Their education policy confines the most vulnerable to failed public school systems. Their open-borders policy drives up joblessness, and drives down wages and benefits.

But why go there, anyway?

Allowing the murder of newborns, and encouraging illegal immigrant child abuse is a powerful indictment of a once-proud political group soon heading for extinction…

…we hope.

Otherwise, killing babies and abusing illegal immigrant kids will continue.

Funny…no Democrat sees abuse in force-marching kids over a 1000 mile trek?

Headlined on the Breitbart News website: “Rosanna Arquette: ‘Every Minute, The United States is Abusing Children at the Border’”

See, they’re not abused during a 1000+ mile forced march…just when they get here.

Dangerous open-border/catch-&-release rhetoric, and faulty immigration law that begs drug/sex traffickers to use children to achieve their vile objectives – is REAL abuse.

Such actions encourage bad behavior…which begets MORE bad behavior.

But they don’t care about that – it doesn’t achieve the Democrat objective…which is to flood the United States with illegal immigrants looking for government largesse…

…and with the potential to become Democrat voters (legally – or illegally).

Yeah, they’re not abused during the arduous journey…just once they get here.

It’s disgusting for politicians to use people in this manner…

…and disgusting that Americans aid and abet the process by voting for these vile users.