It’s way past time for Justices & Legislators to obey their SWORN OATHS…

Do they really need this reminder?

Legislators & Supreme Court Justices swore to ‘uphold & defend’ the U. S. Constitution in their oath of office.


To pretend otherwise is bunk. When very basic Constitution principles like rule-of-law & election integrity are violated, they can’t dodge issues out of fear of being political – they must obey their sworn oath.

For the Supreme Court, it’s not about ‘picking losers & winners’…it’s about upholding constitutional guidelines. Decide on legalities, then send it to legislators to do THEIR job.

Open message to legislators and justices: This ain’t dodge-ball, people…it’s what you’re elected to do.

P.E.R.I.O.D…end of discussion.

With clear, irrefutable evidence of election/voter fraud, illegally changed voting rules that usurped plenary state legislative powers, & videos of wrongdoing, it’s impossible to give legislators & Supreme Court justices any wiggle room for not wanting to uphold the Constitution THEY SWORE TO UPHOLD.

Find a spine, you gutless wimps.

EO ALERT! Focus on Dec 18…the day an election interference report comes out

As American Thinker’s Andrea Widburg notes: “The director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, will be issuing his report on December 18.  If there really is provable massive fraud or foreign interference, the election cannot stand.”

Remember, the President issued an executive order (EO) in 2018, focusing on election integrity and domestic/foreign interference that might have subverted said integrity.

As we noted in our Nov. 14th blog regarding that EO…

“(it)…calls for (among other things) asset seizures of ANY entity (directly or indirectly) involved in ANY & ALL aspects of that activity…Dominion & Scytl voting systems involved in alleged 2020 election malfeasance are FOREIGN-OWNED corporations! If they’ve uncovered malfeasance involving these voting systems…& it sure sounds that way…it casts an exec. order wide net, that ensnares politicians, billionaires, Tech Giants, & media at the very least…funders, backers, censors, and propagandists alike.” 

If the evidence is overwhelming, a Nat’l emergency declaration is even possible, if state legislature Republicans are too spineless to do their job and appoint their own electors.

It ain’t over, til the Evidence sings.

And that evidence is piling up, on voting machines with suspect software, and video…as well as fake ballots, illegal ballots, and dead voters who incredibly came back to life.

Stay tuned.

The ‘shrinking violet’ pose is NOT a flattering look for the Supreme Court…but that’s not the endgame

Beyond BIZARRE…we have 1 political party that cares not a whit about the U.S. Constitution or what’s best for America, and in concert with its Legislative cohort, is willing to lie, cheat, hoax, subvert, and commit treason against the Executive branch…

…and the Judicial branch won’t act out of fear of ‘encroaching’ on another political branch of government?


How about the concept of Course Correction

…Rule of Law…

…or (dare we say it?) Election INTEGRITY.

Americans are fed up with high-brow elitism, legal double-talk, and lofty condescension.

75 million of us see the fraud being committed IN PLAIN SIGHT and demand one simple thing…

Course Correction.


That said, anyone even remotely aware of the President’s actions over the last 4 years knows he’s all about the American people, and any anxiety over Supreme Court weak-knees should be curtailed.

Even the President – who’s been the target, the victim, of this election fraud – wants the PEOPLE to decide the election…which means he prefers state legislatures (the people’s representatives) be the final arbiters, in those battleground states where obvious fraud and other criminal conduct occurred.

President Trump is fine with the Supreme Court deciding legal issues, but doesn’t want them in the position of deciding the election.

‘Standing’ may have been a weak dodge, but it doesn’t change his equation. And that equation puts those State Legislators under the spotlight, to do what they are ELECTED to do – serve the will of We, the People.

Stay strong…75 million voices are a powerful motivator.

Trust 45.

Those too blind to see the ‘pandemic’ hysteria is a hoax deserve the misery it causes…but the rest of Americans don’t

They took a standard flu, blew it’s severity out of proportion, and traumatized the public in a deliberate effort to turn Americans against a very successful (thus hated) President.

(All to regain the power they lost in 2016, and in an effort to protect themselves from prosecution for their rampant lawless behavior over the last few years.)

But soon, obvious holes in their flawed narrative began to appear: numbers didn’t add up…WuFlu-related death counts were exposed as exaggerated using co-morbidities.

Yet their relentless fearmongering was unwavering, because they knew that even as each flaw was exposed, they had other narratives they were ready to exploit…the dreaded Second Wave, and increased contagion rates driven by unprecedented testing.

Understand, the ‘Second wave’ was inevitable, because shutting down wide swaths of the economy, forcing shelter-in-place activity, and demanding unprecedented testing  guaranteed its inevitability…then, all it took was relentless fearmongering to continue.

Fearmongering drove the testing of this flu virus to new heights never seen in the U.S.

Did we mention that the precision ‘cycle-threshhold’ testing that was suggested by CDC guaranteed that there would be up to a 90% rate of false-positive results?

Did we mention that the majority of true positive cases were asymptomatic? Yeah, no symptoms…which means even if testing positive, no medical treatment is needed.

Did we mention that ANY hospitalized patient…for ANY reason…who tests positive (or false-positive) for WuFlu virus once in bed would be listed as a WuFlu hospitalization?

That means individuals admitted for heart-or-kidney failure, pneumonia, or whatever, are recharacterized as WuFlu-related…even if asymptomatic or just a false-positive.

Why? Because FakeNews fearmongers are using high number of cases as a means of keeping the public in a state of fear that guarantees they can be manipulated.

Yes, the flu is real – we have a flu season EVERY year. Yes, there are deaths from flu every year; the majority of those deaths result when other health issues are present.

We’re not saying flu isn’t real…we’re saying the FEARMONGERING is unnecessary…

…there’s no better evidence to prove that point than the fact they have to lie to push it.

The CDC admits 6% of the Fear-Mongered death-counts are actually caused by WuFlu; the rest of the cases reflected the unfortunate died with the virus, not because of it.

But FakeNews Media doesn’t want the public to know that.

Unprecedented increases in testing naturally result in unprecedented case increases.

But FakeNews Media doesn’t want the public to know that.

CDC pushes a 40-cycle-threshhold that results in a huge rate of false-positive cases.

But FakeNews Media doesn’t want the public to know that.

Reported increase in hospitalizations include non-flu-related causes.

But FakeNews Media doesn’t want the public to know that.

CDC reported deaths year-to-date are no higher than a normal annualized average.

But FakeNews Media doesn’t want the public to know that.

The actual case-fatality rate is declining; and the rate is within standard flu norms.

But FakeNews Media doesn’t want the public to know that.

Why do so many refuse to see the pattern here?

Allowing the fearmongering to continue, and allowing Democrat-led states to trample our Constitutional rights by playing on that fearmongering, hurts the American public.

Jobs are lost; businesses go bust; and American dreams are shattered…

…all for the sake of political machinations, meant to claw back their power.

It isn’t a ‘cruel pandemic’ that’s crushing America…it’s the CRUEL FearMongering.

Those willing to blindly ignore the facts as noted above and be herded as sheep don’t have the right to demand that the rest of Americans must join them in that ignorance.

Enough is enough.