So call it a ‘unioniage’ already…

For millennia, ‘Marriage’ has been between a man and a woman.

Call it the Natural Order of things…it took one of each to procreate, and without that grouping the human species would have died out long ago.

(You can’t fool Mother Nature – don’t blame others…blame Nature.)

So, for those of a different partnership choice, please use a different terminology.

Those who want a same-sex partnership, yet seek similar benefits as marriage, should be able to do so. But not at the expense of turning traditional language on its head.

In the matter of same-sex unions, then, call it ‘unioniage’… If ‘words matter’.

As Chief Justice Roberts noted, you can force a child to call another child a ‘friend’, but if that other child doesn’t fit the definition, you’ve removed all meaning from the word.

And, it’s not a ‘civil right’.

Because – where there’s not a choice (like being born female, or being born black) -partnership contracts are a choice…and as such do not fit the ‘civil rights’ criteria.

Think of it like incorporating; just as you can choose a corporation, an ‘S’ corporation, or an LLC type, to fit your needs…so you can choose a ‘marriage’, or a ‘unioniage’…they all offer benefits and protections, based on differing criteria to fit the needs for each.

One can argue that, if a ‘unioniage’ gives a same-sex partnership all the benefits of a marriage (under law), and thus all ‘rights’ are protected, then the only point left to claiming the ‘marriage’ title for a same-sex union is to force its re-definition.

Forcing a redefinition doesn’t make it right. Here’s a fun real-time demonstration…

Joining two beverages, orange juice to vodka, makes a ‘screwdriver’.

When your gay friends claim privilege to redefine marriage at, say, a dinner party, pour them an orange-juice/orange-juice mix: tell them it’s a newly-redefined ‘screwdriver’…

…and if they can get intoxicated drinking it…they can get ‘married’!

How do you convert a low-information (Democrat) voter…?

There’s a national dialogue going on, over converting low-info voters to the GOP.

Democrats have proven that Class Warfare and Personal Destruction Politics work.

Republicans have proven that ‘taking the high road’ of proven ideas…doesn’t.

(Want proof? A recent poll of various economic policies showed an overwhelming preference for a certain set of ideas…until they were shown to be Republican ideas.)

BCP suggestion: a) follow the fundamental first step of every self-help program, and…

…b) take a page from the Democrats’ playbook – don’t hype your policy, attack theirs.

Every self-help guru will say the first step to recovery is recognizing there’s a problem. So, now extend that first step, by showing low-info voters they have a problem…

…every time they vote for Democrat policies that hurt them and hold them back.

Case in point – Poverty. In the last 50 years since announcing their War on Poverty, the Democrats have developed 80+ means-tested programs, now spending $1.03 trillion per year – yet, the percentage of Americans living in poverty remains constant.


The US Census revealed in 2011 there were 16.8 million households (using family of 4 averaging) living under the $23k/year threshold. If HALF the money spent on programs were sent to those households instead, each family would get almost $30k per year…

in addition to the annual amount they were already earning! Poverty solved!!

What about daily expenses: food, clothing, shelter, phones, gas for the family car?

Everything is affected by energy costs, yet the SAME Democrats claiming to champion the poor enact policies that drive up energy prices… disproportionately hurting the poor.

(E.g.: Despite claims their opponents are in Big Oil’s pocket, it’s Democrats fighting to obstruct drilling in America; law of Supply-&-Demand – reduce supply, prices go up.)

What party gives billion$ to campaign donors running green-energy scams, but forces a low-income Dad to drive to work day after day on $4-per-gallon gas? Democrats.

And what about taxes?

Democrats say they want to tax businesses rather than the little guy, all while knowing that businesses will simply add tax costs to their products…that the little guy must buy!

Who really ends up paying the ‘business’ tax? The little guy.

Now go back up to the “Case In Point” paragraph above, and read down through the points being made; there’s only one Political Party mentioned – that’s right, Democrats.

Every time they pay an electric bill, fill their gas tank, or buy groceries, the low-income (read ‘low info’) voter should be aware of what party drains their hard-earned dollars.

And, just as important, how deceitfully that Party’s methods are employed against them.

How can that not resonate with Low-Information voters?

Move over, Rush Limbaugh…

Every waking American proud of their country and aching for hope that our nation will come through this dark time should read this Victor Davis Hanson article today.

Mr. Hanson displays in just 786 words why he is one of the true intellectuals in the USA.

Many hear the term ‘American Exceptionalism’, few understand its significance.

(Any BlueCollarPerspective using selected ‘pull-quotes’ just won’t do it justice.)

Want to feel good about America again? READ IT at Investor’s Business Daily!

(And the answer to Mr. Hanson’s first paragraph ‘one reason why America won’t (decline)…’ can be found in the 1-sentence eighth paragraph: ‘meritocratic’.)

Meritocracy focuses on rewarding ability and talent, and America does it better.

Kudos to Mr. Hanson – 786 words that succintly defines…why…we are who we are.

Move over Rush Limbaugh…


Comedian, heal thyself…

File this under “Or maybe they were just joking…”

Bill Maher exposed on his HBO RealTime show during a gun-control discussion exactly why it’s hilarious to participate in a battle of wits with an unarmed (i.e., witless) man…

He calls Americans ‘morons…complete idiots…’, just before complaining about a gerrymandered country causing Democrat Senators to cave to gun-rights advocates…

But… you can’t ‘gerrymander’ voting for Senators, Bill…

…they’re elected in state-wide contests!

(To be fair, maybe late-night Fridays push Mr. Maher beyond his IQ limits?)

But, wait…comedian (?) Jim Carrey had to step up this Sunday morning.

Tweeting to all gun-rights advocates they were “…heartless motherf%*#ers unwilling to bend for the safety of our kids…”, Jim displayed breathtaking ignorance of simple fact…

Not one law-abiding citizen has ever committed a gun-crime…

…and not one gun-crime evildoer has ever obeyed a gun law.

In the land of the Witless, truly, the Half-Wit reigns supreme..

Which means dimwits Maher and Carrey provide comic relief for the Leader…

Democrats admit: taxes ‘punish’ businesses, & destroy jobs…

It’s a stupefying event that will go largely unreported by the lapdog media.

Democrat Senators joined with Republicans Thursday to overwhelmingly revoke ObamaCare’s $29 billion excise tax on medical device sales by a 79-20 margin.

One Senate Democrat labeled the 2.3% tax as a punishment of industry, another Senate Democrat referred to it as a ‘burden’ on businesses, and a jobs killer.

Take a moment, and read that last sentence again…

Senate Democrats (33 of them) and 1 Independent who normally votes with Democrats renounced a 2.3% business tax as a punishing burden, an unnecessary job destroyer.

But those same Democrats (and Independent) voted in January to increase taxes of MUCH HIGHER rates, for a wide swath of Americans in ALL income levels!!!!

If a 2.3% tax on the medical device industry is bad, how can any additional tax on any other type of business (or on individual Americans as a whole) be GOOD?

In a startling moment of revelation, Democrats reveal their class warfare schizophrenia.

And a compliant media yawns…

Relax – It’s not lethal…just greedy and devious…

Why DOES the Department of Homeland Security need 1.6 billion (with a ‘b’) rounds of ammo, if the most its combined agencies use in a year’s training is 15 million rounds?

Why do the 295 agents working for the Social Security Admin. need 174,000 rounds of hollow-point ammo? Ammo so lethal the Geneva Convention bans its usein war!

As wild conspiracy theories proliferate, BlueCollar suggests you relax…

…just ‘follow the money’.

We see this as simply Democrat political multi-tasking. Billion-round purchases…

a) deplete market supplies of ammo the average citizen gun-owner can purchase, thereby achieving a backdoor suppression of your 2nd amendment rights, and

b) funnels the tax $$ used for government ammo-buys to Democrat campaign donors controlling those ammunition supplies (who then launder the money back through the Democrat party and/or their political action groups, as campaign contributions).

Nothing as sinister as a government turning weapons on its own citizenry.

Just typical political greed; another way of taking money from the American taxpayer, while simultaneously (and surreptitiously) trampling a citizen’s 2nd amendment rights.

Hey, do the math: 295 Social Security agents would have to shoot 2.7 senior citizens every working day in a year to use up 174,000 rounds of hollow points.

And some of those senior citizens might object…

Appeaser-in-Chief brings ‘rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air’ – Palestinian style!

This is how low the influence of America has sunk in the Middle East.

First  he ignored the Palestinian rockets fired into Israel from Gaza this morning, as he woke to prepare for a trip to the Israel Museum before heading into Ramallah.

Then ‘Appeaser’-in-Chief Obama spoke in Ramallah, Palestinian Territory, of putting ‘security first’ for Israel…under a banner of Yasser Arafat – father of modern terrorism.

Putting aside the fact that we’re speaking of Israel, what does it say when a President of the United States visits ANY ally, a bordering territory fires rockets at that ally while he’s there, and yet he then proceeds to visit the aggressor and make ‘nice’?!?

Want a BlueCollarPerspective?

Your police chief friend visits you and your family for breakfast, a neighbor drives by at that time shooting into your house…then the chief has lunch at that neighbor’s house.

Now, multiply that perspective times thousands of rockets fired into Israel every year.

(Of course, unlike Israel, you have the luxury of moving your family to another town…)

‘Security first’, Mr. Appeaser…? Under a banner of Yasser Arafat???

You’ve got to be kidding.

Is Harry Reid offering to resign? Or redefining ‘scumbag’?

Just when you think a political party can’t sink any lower, Harry Reid proves otherwise.

7 Marines died in a night-time training exercise at Hawthorne Army Depot in Nevada on Monday, when a 60mm mortar round exploded prematurely in its tube.

And Obama’s toady Senate Majority Leader displayed the Democrat version of a ‘split second’, racing to get in front of the media TV cameras to blame…sequestration.

(Suggesting ill-prepared training or maintenance was a result, and could re-occur.)

Message to Reid…if you’d served in the military instead of playing political science…

…you would know that often training ordnance can be a couple of years old…

…cross-service training exercises are planned months, if not years in advance…

…and you NEVER stand on the bodies of dead Marines to grandstand for your boss.

But then, you are your Master’s boy…and the Senate Majority Leader who has defied Congressional law by refusing to do a budget for the last several years…

…forcing Obama’s sequestration package down everyone’s throat.

Taking ‘gall’ to new heights, you refuse to pass a budget, thereby forcing sequestration on the American military…then race to the microphones when Marines die?

Or, have we misunderstood? Was it a mea culpa?

Are you offering to resign as the cause of the Democrats’ sequestration which may have (as you implied today) contributed to these unfortunate deaths…?

Or (more likely) are you merely trying to deflect blame on Republicans?

Our guess is you’re standing on the bodies of Marines for political purposes…

If so, Harry, you don’t deserve the title ‘Senator’…and calling you ‘scum’ would be an insult to scum everywhere.

Which is it, Harry? Are you accepting blame for sequestration, or posturing for CNN?

Where do you stand, Nevada? Are you proud of this slime representing you? Does Nevada have a ‘recall’ mechanism in their political system?

Just as importantly, does the Senate have the guts to reprimand Reid’s despicable act?

Or does the American Way now include using dead Marines for political props?

In the military it’s called ‘covering fire’…

When the enemy’s pinned you down and there’s no way to go, you need covering fire.

Covering fire from other positions forces the enemy to duck and return fire, giving those  comrades pinned down an opportunity to move out of harm’s way.

The Wall Street Journal has an article today that talks about Obama’s plan to force federal agencies to conduct ‘global warming impact studies’ before those agencies can approve what they consider unwanted major projects…which will delay and obstruct.

The Journal reviews a National Review blog on that Obama strategy.

But the Wall Street Journal and Stanley Kurtz’s blog fail to follow that Obama tactic to its logical conclusion…Obama is most definitely setting this up to give his Democrat cohort 2014-election ‘cover fire’.

Obama doesn’t need anyone’s approval – he has his second term secured.

But House & Senate Democrats (in office, and wannabe’s) up for election/re-election in 2014 need ‘cover fire’ on such programs as the KeystoneXL project.

Everyone knows it was stalled by Obama, but now continuing to stop KeystoneXL could cost votes in the next election. So, how to obstruct it without appearing to obstruct it?

That’s right…the ‘global warming review’ directive.

Of course a Lapdog Media will assist. Obama will be praised to the skies for signing off on hated projects like KeystoneXL, even as his directive stops them dead in the water.

And his Democrat cohort have their covering fire on these issues going into 2014.

Republicans will need to effectively point out loudly and often exactly how this will play out if they want to neutralize Obama’s strategy.