How do you convert a low-information (Democrat) voter…?

There’s a national dialogue going on, over converting low-info voters to the GOP.

Democrats have proven that Class Warfare and Personal Destruction Politics work.

Republicans have proven that ‘taking the high road’ of proven ideas…doesn’t.

(Want proof? A recent poll of various economic policies showed an overwhelming preference for a certain set of ideas…until they were shown to be Republican ideas.)

BCP suggestion: a) follow the fundamental first step of every self-help program, and…

…b) take a page from the Democrats’ playbook – don’t hype your policy, attack theirs.

Every self-help guru will say the first step to recovery is recognizing there’s a problem. So, now extend that first step, by showing low-info voters they have a problem…

…every time they vote for Democrat policies that hurt them and hold them back.

Case in point – Poverty. In the last 50 years since announcing their War on Poverty, the Democrats have developed 80+ means-tested programs, now spending $1.03 trillion per year – yet, the percentage of Americans living in poverty remains constant.


The US Census revealed in 2011 there were 16.8 million households (using family of 4 averaging) living under the $23k/year threshold. If HALF the money spent on programs were sent to those households instead, each family would get almost $30k per year…

in addition to the annual amount they were already earning! Poverty solved!!

What about daily expenses: food, clothing, shelter, phones, gas for the family car?

Everything is affected by energy costs, yet the SAME Democrats claiming to champion the poor enact policies that drive up energy prices… disproportionately hurting the poor.

(E.g.: Despite claims their opponents are in Big Oil’s pocket, it’s Democrats fighting to obstruct drilling in America; law of Supply-&-Demand – reduce supply, prices go up.)

What party gives billion$ to campaign donors running green-energy scams, but forces a low-income Dad to drive to work day after day on $4-per-gallon gas? Democrats.

And what about taxes?

Democrats say they want to tax businesses rather than the little guy, all while knowing that businesses will simply add tax costs to their products…that the little guy must buy!

Who really ends up paying the ‘business’ tax? The little guy.

Now go back up to the “Case In Point” paragraph above, and read down through the points being made; there’s only one Political Party mentioned – that’s right, Democrats.

Every time they pay an electric bill, fill their gas tank, or buy groceries, the low-income (read ‘low info’) voter should be aware of what party drains their hard-earned dollars.

And, just as important, how deceitfully that Party’s methods are employed against them.

How can that not resonate with Low-Information voters?

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