Move over, Rush Limbaugh…

Every waking American proud of their country and aching for hope that our nation will come through this dark time should read this Victor Davis Hanson article today.

Mr. Hanson displays in just 786 words why he is one of the true intellectuals in the USA.

Many hear the term ‘American Exceptionalism’, few understand its significance.

(Any BlueCollarPerspective using selected ‘pull-quotes’ just won’t do it justice.)

Want to feel good about America again? READ IT at Investor’s Business Daily!

(And the answer to Mr. Hanson’s first paragraph ‘one reason why America won’t (decline)…’ can be found in the 1-sentence eighth paragraph: ‘meritocratic’.)

Meritocracy focuses on rewarding ability and talent, and America does it better.

Kudos to Mr. Hanson – 786 words that succintly defines…why…we are who we are.

Move over Rush Limbaugh…


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