Democrats admit: taxes ‘punish’ businesses, & destroy jobs…

It’s a stupefying event that will go largely unreported by the lapdog media.

Democrat Senators joined with Republicans Thursday to overwhelmingly revoke ObamaCare’s $29 billion excise tax on medical device sales by a 79-20 margin.

One Senate Democrat labeled the 2.3% tax as a punishment of industry, another Senate Democrat referred to it as a ‘burden’ on businesses, and a jobs killer.

Take a moment, and read that last sentence again…

Senate Democrats (33 of them) and 1 Independent who normally votes with Democrats renounced a 2.3% business tax as a punishing burden, an unnecessary job destroyer.

But those same Democrats (and Independent) voted in January to increase taxes of MUCH HIGHER rates, for a wide swath of Americans in ALL income levels!!!!

If a 2.3% tax on the medical device industry is bad, how can any additional tax on any other type of business (or on individual Americans as a whole) be GOOD?

In a startling moment of revelation, Democrats reveal their class warfare schizophrenia.

And a compliant media yawns…

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