Relax – It’s not lethal…just greedy and devious…

Why DOES the Department of Homeland Security need 1.6 billion (with a ‘b’) rounds of ammo, if the most its combined agencies use in a year’s training is 15 million rounds?

Why do the 295 agents working for the Social Security Admin. need 174,000 rounds of hollow-point ammo? Ammo so lethal the Geneva Convention bans its usein war!

As wild conspiracy theories proliferate, BlueCollar suggests you relax…

…just ‘follow the money’.

We see this as simply Democrat political multi-tasking. Billion-round purchases…

a) deplete market supplies of ammo the average citizen gun-owner can purchase, thereby achieving a backdoor suppression of your 2nd amendment rights, and

b) funnels the tax $$ used for government ammo-buys to Democrat campaign donors controlling those ammunition supplies (who then launder the money back through the Democrat party and/or their political action groups, as campaign contributions).

Nothing as sinister as a government turning weapons on its own citizenry.

Just typical political greed; another way of taking money from the American taxpayer, while simultaneously (and surreptitiously) trampling a citizen’s 2nd amendment rights.

Hey, do the math: 295 Social Security agents would have to shoot 2.7 senior citizens every working day in a year to use up 174,000 rounds of hollow points.

And some of those senior citizens might object…

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