In the military it’s called ‘covering fire’…

When the enemy’s pinned you down and there’s no way to go, you need covering fire.

Covering fire from other positions forces the enemy to duck and return fire, giving those  comrades pinned down an opportunity to move out of harm’s way.

The Wall Street Journal has an article today that talks about Obama’s plan to force federal agencies to conduct ‘global warming impact studies’ before those agencies can approve what they consider unwanted major projects…which will delay and obstruct.

The Journal reviews a National Review blog on that Obama strategy.

But the Wall Street Journal and Stanley Kurtz’s blog fail to follow that Obama tactic to its logical conclusion…Obama is most definitely setting this up to give his Democrat cohort 2014-election ‘cover fire’.

Obama doesn’t need anyone’s approval – he has his second term secured.

But House & Senate Democrats (in office, and wannabe’s) up for election/re-election in 2014 need ‘cover fire’ on such programs as the KeystoneXL project.

Everyone knows it was stalled by Obama, but now continuing to stop KeystoneXL could cost votes in the next election. So, how to obstruct it without appearing to obstruct it?

That’s right…the ‘global warming review’ directive.

Of course a Lapdog Media will assist. Obama will be praised to the skies for signing off on hated projects like KeystoneXL, even as his directive stops them dead in the water.

And his Democrat cohort have their covering fire on these issues going into 2014.

Republicans will need to effectively point out loudly and often exactly how this will play out if they want to neutralize Obama’s strategy.

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