Is Harry Reid offering to resign? Or redefining ‘scumbag’?

Just when you think a political party can’t sink any lower, Harry Reid proves otherwise.

7 Marines died in a night-time training exercise at Hawthorne Army Depot in Nevada on Monday, when a 60mm mortar round exploded prematurely in its tube.

And Obama’s toady Senate Majority Leader displayed the Democrat version of a ‘split second’, racing to get in front of the media TV cameras to blame…sequestration.

(Suggesting ill-prepared training or maintenance was a result, and could re-occur.)

Message to Reid…if you’d served in the military instead of playing political science…

…you would know that often training ordnance can be a couple of years old…

…cross-service training exercises are planned months, if not years in advance…

…and you NEVER stand on the bodies of dead Marines to grandstand for your boss.

But then, you are your Master’s boy…and the Senate Majority Leader who has defied Congressional law by refusing to do a budget for the last several years…

…forcing Obama’s sequestration package down everyone’s throat.

Taking ‘gall’ to new heights, you refuse to pass a budget, thereby forcing sequestration on the American military…then race to the microphones when Marines die?

Or, have we misunderstood? Was it a mea culpa?

Are you offering to resign as the cause of the Democrats’ sequestration which may have (as you implied today) contributed to these unfortunate deaths…?

Or (more likely) are you merely trying to deflect blame on Republicans?

Our guess is you’re standing on the bodies of Marines for political purposes…

If so, Harry, you don’t deserve the title ‘Senator’…and calling you ‘scum’ would be an insult to scum everywhere.

Which is it, Harry? Are you accepting blame for sequestration, or posturing for CNN?

Where do you stand, Nevada? Are you proud of this slime representing you? Does Nevada have a ‘recall’ mechanism in their political system?

Just as importantly, does the Senate have the guts to reprimand Reid’s despicable act?

Or does the American Way now include using dead Marines for political props?

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