Democrat deep-staters just keep getting uglier

Last week we learned from Fox’s Rosen that a deputy Dept of Justice director had met with FusionGPS during and after the 2016 campaign during which time that outfit arranged to have a sleaze document opposition research (‘dossier’) done on Trump.

Now we learn that deputy director’s wife WORKED for FusionGPS during that time.

Think Obama and his Dept of Justice didn’t know what kind of ugliness was going on?

Another Democrat operative bites the dust?

Breitbart News headline: If Gloria Allred Knew Yearbook Note Was Forged, She May Have Violated California Bar Rules

Seems her client admits forging the yearbook used to smear Republican Roy Moore.

Maybe Allred will fall back on the ‘Hillary Clinton defense’?

You know the one – ‘but, but…I’m a Democrat’.

(Hey, why not – it worked for Hillary a bunch of times.)

But you just gotta love these Democrat circular firing squads…

NY Times reveals Democrats are lying about GOP tax-cut plan

For the average middle-income earner, losing a federal tax credit for state income taxes paid won’t be felt, because other deductions are increased in the GOP tax-cut plan.

The real problem blue-state Democrat leaders from New York to California have with the Republican plan is that the WEALTHY lose their state-tax deductions, because the other deduction increases in the Republican plan favor the middle-class, not the rich.

So when you hear Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown, or Andrew Cuomo moan about the GOP plan, it’s because they fear wealthy residents of their high-tax states will move away, if they lose their precious state-income-tax deductions.

We explained this before, and a new NRO article explains it again.

And even an unusually honest NY Times noticed…

Among the Tax Bill’s Biggest Losers: High-Income, Blue State Taxpayers

NON-resignations…and media-duplicity blowback?

News outlets reporting Al Franken has resigned are wrong…or deceptive.

The Minnesota senator said “…in the coming weeks I will be resigning…”

Sorry – that’s not a resignation, that’s a plan to resign.

We agree with Rush on this ‘issue’: the Franken ‘gonna resign’ remark is probably a set-up to cast Roy Moore (if he wins) and President Trump as sexual reprobates who are deserving of similar media treatment, in an ‘if he goes, they should go’ argument.

They want to regain the ‘moral high-ground’ and see Franken as a means to do so.

While we see Al Franken as a buffoon, we also note public opinion should not be the court that determines if an individual is guilty of potentially criminal acts. He deserves to have evidence, proof laid out before him, as should anyone accused of wrongdoing.

That said…

Alabama Republican Moore, running for a vacated senate seat, has been hit – as has Mr. Trump – with some unproven allegations about sexual misconduct. We see Al Franken’s ‘plan’ to resign as a media/political ploy meant to pile-on Roy Moore and Mr. Trump with allegations of a Republican ‘war-on-women’ leading up to mid-terms.

Otherwise, why would Franken make an ‘in the coming weeks’ announcement, while, in the same breath, continuing to proclaim his innocence?

But if liberal friends try equating allegations against Roy Moore and the President with what’s going on with Franken, just remind them oh-so-politely that all those Al Franken accusers are DEMOCRATS against a Democrat…negating any opposition motive…

…whereas allegations against Republicans Trump and Moore are by anti-GOP’ers.

Democrats may try seeking a ‘high ground’ when it comes to sexual misconduct and a war-on-women, but because of their decades-long media-aided cover-ups, they can’t.

Women in power within the Party, political male hierarchy in that Party, and Democrat media masters ALL colluded for decades to keep dirty secrets hidden from view.

The trail is too littered with #MeToo sex-abuse casualties from within now coming forward – it’s difficult to see how covering up those abuses can benefit politically.

Ironic, isn’t it? The Democrats’ media-enablers are the primary cause of the current Democrat imbroglio, holding the GOP to higher standards…whilst Clinton et al dallied.

And powerful Democrat men and women alike played their ‘nothing to see here’ role.

What price, cover-ups? Will Democrats pay for their Party’s media-veiled misogyny?

Time will tell.

Recognizing an ally’s capital is a no-brainer

It’s about time an American president had the nerve to do what needed to be done.

Israel is our ally. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel…

  • failure to acknowledge that basic fact leaves Israel as less than a nation;
  • failure to acknowledge that basic fact encourages the anti-Israel Muslim sentiment to more dangerous acts of violence.

Thank you for having the courage to do the right thing, Mr. President.

Imploding special counsel probe bringing down…nothing but Democrats?

Latest revelations make the entire ‘collusion’ probe look like a partisan hit

Democrats used a phony sleaze-doc to push a Russia collusion probe that, if anything,  has done a fine job…exposing Democrats – from lackeys to lawyers to leaders.

Pay-to-Play UraniumOne; FBI email NON-probe; DNC aide chicanery; Fake News hit jobs; partisan FBI-lying bias; what’s next? The whole thing’s blown up in their face.

Unintended consequences? Or, self-immolation – writ…LARGE?

With every new story about UraniumOne deal, the more it seems likely destroying evidence is a high priority for Democrats

With every new story about a crooked UraniumOne deal, it becomes increasingly clear that a main objective for Democrats is ensuring evidence goes down the memory hole.

We know many are convinced Mueller’s special counsel probe is all about impeaching or otherwise delegitimizing President Trump, but the scope of UraniumOne is huge…

…and a great many Democrats are potentially at risk.

The special counsel Russia probe keeps Mueller in a position where access to that data is possible, and as FBI director he was a principle in the investigations at that time.

That’s why we’ve been saying for a long time now that, in our opinion, this is also about dumping evidence…’cuz key Democrat leadership was in peril with Trump’s election.

Primary players in the FBI – Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, and McCabe – as well as AG Holder and Lynch, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama were all at risk. Had Hillary been elected, no doubt hard evidence would’ve gone down the memory hole, but now…?

Who’s watching the watchers?

ThugFL deal with take-a-knee players funded by take-aways from existing REAL issues

Reports say the deal the NFL tried to pitch to the thugs in the league would be funded by taking funds away from existing breast-cancer awareness and military issues.

That’s right – thug players, backed by Leftie George Soros as they protest bogus issues of imaginary injustices, would result in the NFL alienating women’s and military groups.

Proving, once again, how tone-deaf NFL management really is.