Obama-crats plundered America…Trump empowers America

Any reasonable American will acknowledge 8 years of Obama saw the economy drain into fat-cat corporate and union coffers, while performing at a sub-par rate.

Daniel Greenfield has a great article that deserves your attention:


Money-quotes: “Americans are realizing that maybe we don’t have to just get used to dividing up the last torn shreds of a failing economy between leftist crony billionaires and their officially entitled victim groups…The Obama revolution paid out its benefits in stolen money. Trillions were stolen from taxpayers, homeowners, car owners, workers and small businessmen and redistributed to his friends and political cronies, to migrants and the welfare class, to Iran and other Islamic terrorists, and to the Green Mob.”

President Trump is the author of that realization…despite the best efforts of Democrats, the FakeNews media, and establishment GOP Never-Trumpers arrayed against him.

We suggest that, more importantly, the most significant accomplishment of Mr. Trump is his exposure of the FakeNews media for what they are, and have been for a long time.

A healthy skepticism has set in, and with it – for the first time in a long time – people are questioning the ‘conventional wisdom’ of a now-exposed self-serving elite.

For all that and more: Thank you, Mr. President.

What they don’t see…

President Trump points out that a year-end Rasmussen poll has his approval rating at approximately the same as Barack Obama had on Dec 28th, 2009 – at 47%.

That’s an extraordinary achievement, when you consider the negative coverage that he has been hit with during his presidency, to date…which is to say…over 90% negative.

If the media affects polling by 10-15 points, as some claim, he’d be in the 60%+ range.

Maybe the best indication of Trump’s popularity can be found in this headline:

RNC Set to Raise Record $130 Million in 2017″

Does anyone think – by any stretch of imagination – such a GOP fundraising amount would’ve been possible if Trump were as unpopular as media would have us believe?

Where’s the love…?

He named a terrific jurist, Neil Gorsuch, to the Supreme Court and is busy reshaping the rest of the federal justice system; he deregulated vast swaths of the U.S. economy; he pushed through a massive tax cut that will fuel growth going forward; he crushed the Caliphate and has almost eliminated ISIS; and he killed off the ObamaCare mandate, the most odious provision of the national health care plan.

Would Obama or Clinton get negative coverage with this kind of achievement?

Would McCain or Romney be hated by their own Party leaders, with such achievement?

Partisan Democrat FBI hack can’t corroborate sleaze dossier, refuses to repudiate it

Andrew McCabe doesn’t even deserve being referred to as an FBI official…in his official capacity he probably used his office to create and weaponize the Fusion GPS dossier.

The guy is a Democrat partisan hack of the worst kind, and deserves to be fired.

Why give him the opportunity to retire with a fat pension, after his misdeeds?

Unhappy w-economic growth & powerful U.S. prosperity that lends strength abroad? Then, vote Democrat

Are you unhappy with pension funds, your retirement funds, and other assorted and sundry 401k plans getting a strong boost from the burgeoning stock market?

Are you unhappy with robust economic growth, and a powerful prosperity here at home that creates jobs, increases take-home pay, and makes us stronger abroad?

Don’t like the idea of Making America Great Again?

Then, obviously, vote Democrat…and keep America in the doldrums.

But know this – state pensions are underfunded by some $6 trillion dollars. They’re just now in a position to start cutting into that underfunding, through various stock investments, if the Republican-fed stock market keeps up its strong performance.

As usual, poorly led (typically, Democrat) state governments have allowed this serious under-funding to mushroom…if that’s okay with you, keep voting Democrat…

…but we can assure you, those forced to pay the consequences will not be happy.

Will anti-tax-cut Democrats refuse their resulting pay increases?

As crazy as they sound, we wonder just how many Democrats will refuse the increase to their paychecks that are a result of the tax-reform package passed by Republicans?

After all, if it’s such a bad thing, they’d be hypocritical to benefit, right?

Some 65.8 million (legal and illegal) Democrats voted for Hillary last November…

…so, if we use the average ‘$2140 tax-cut per-person’ that IBD estimates will result, we’re looking at a huge $141 billion that those Democrat voters can collectively refuse to accept, and return to the Big Government coffers they so devotedly support.

Over ten years, that’s $1.4 trillion, virtually neutralizing the 10-year deficit projection.

C’mon, Democrats…step up.

Sorry HuffPo…the real ‘sellout’ to blacks are black Democrats

Senator Tim Scott was just called a black sellout by a Huffington Post contributor.

Considering the fact that a new Republican majority and President have jump-started the economy and achieved historic low jobless claims for blacks, we’re suggesting that the real black sellouts are Maxine Waters and her ilk in the Democrat Party…

…who, FOR DECADES, have provided not one iota of opportunity for black Americans.

Since the ’60’s, welfare, poverty, out-of-wedlock births, and failed education policy has destroyed the black family unit…even while black Democrat politicians thundered their class warfare rhetoric from the heights of campaign platforms to the floors of Congress.

When will black voters finally wake up?

Tax-cut honesty

“…more than 80% of Americans will get tax cuts under the plan just passed. And the benefits will go to every income group, not “billionaires.” (emphasis added)

“(Tax Policy Center) estimates an average tax cut of about $2,140 per person…(but) some 16% of the richest Americans — those in the top 0.1% of incomes — will face an average tax increase of $387,610.” (emphasis added)

“…while the top 1% of incomes now pay 27% of all federal taxes, they will get just 21% of the tax cuts. The bottom 80%, including the middle class, pays only 33% of all taxes, but will take home 35% of the tax cuts.” (emphasis added)

And the kicker on just-passed tax-cuts…“Not one Democrat voted for them. Not one.”

There’s more – read it here. Huge thanks to Investor’s Business Daily.

…and the self-inflicted hits will keep on coming…

The suppression of our economy brought on by 8 years of lousy Democrat policy will, if anything, actually make the surging Republican economy that much more spectacular.

The tax-reform just passed will be that much more of a steroid-boost in 2018, and if the voter is most inclined to reflect wallet-driven inclinations, this could be a huge midterm.

Add to that false economic predictions that will soon prove their lie, and it hits the fan.

Talk about irony.