Unhappy w-economic growth & powerful U.S. prosperity that lends strength abroad? Then, vote Democrat

Are you unhappy with pension funds, your retirement funds, and other assorted and sundry 401k plans getting a strong boost from the burgeoning stock market?

Are you unhappy with robust economic growth, and a powerful prosperity here at home that creates jobs, increases take-home pay, and makes us stronger abroad?

Don’t like the idea of Making America Great Again?

Then, obviously, vote Democrat…and keep America in the doldrums.

But know this – state pensions are underfunded by some $6 trillion dollars. They’re just now in a position to start cutting into that underfunding, through various stock investments, if the Republican-fed stock market keeps up its strong performance.

As usual, poorly led (typically, Democrat) state governments have allowed this serious under-funding to mushroom…if that’s okay with you, keep voting Democrat…

…but we can assure you, those forced to pay the consequences will not be happy.

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