Michelle O’ praises George W. Bush efforts to lower childhood obesity rates…!

Just Kidding folks…

There is good news – childhood obesity is halting or reversing in some states.

The bad news is that the First Lady has taken the credit with her ‘Let’s Move’ program.

Problem is, the bulk of the years of the reversing trends were in the “W.” era…

The O’ FLOTUS program didn’t start until Feb 2010, which creates a huge dilemma for the Obama’s…how to claim this WASN’T George W. Bush’s fault…?

Looks like CNN-CBS-NBC-ABC, the NY Times and Washington Post are gonna have to put in some overtime on this one…

…after all, their ‘journalistic’ expertise centers on blaming President Bush…

We breathlessly await their efforts.

(update) Multi-tasking on Obama…Part Deux

Franklin E. notes that there’s a 5th bird that can be killed with the Sequester Stone…

Polls suggest the majority of voters don’t associate Obama with problems he’s created.

Bird number 5.

We could argue that Bird 1 ‘not wanting to be seen as governing’ and/or Bird 2 ‘not willing to accept blame’ covers this, but Franklin insists it’s a voter perception issue.

Hey, point conceded. Besides, included even as a sub-category it raises the ‘flock kill’ rate (including a sweet added bonus of infuriating PETA activists), so let’s have some fun with it…Bird #5 it is.

Assigning Obama responsibility to select where sequester cuts occur kills the man-in-the-street’s “hey, it ain’t Obama doin’ this” accountability-avoidance Bird.

(Don’t worry, PETA-disciples…in the true spirit of multi-tasking, we’ll designate all the birds killed with a single sequester stone as ‘Wild Turkeys’…

…and feed ’em to the gators.)

Keep those Bird suggestions coming, folks…

They give us more nails to pin Obama to the Accountability Wall…

…and keeps the gators calm.

Multi-tasking on Obama….

Killing 4 birds with one stone…the new, improved way to multi-task…

Rush’s lament…Obama doesn’t want to be seen as governing, always positioning himself as fighting against those various forces arrayed before him. Bird number 1.

Obama won’t accept blame for any economic woes his policies inflicted on America, preferring instead the “Bush did it” and “GOP’s doing it” mantra. Bird number 2.

Obama is thoroughly wedded to Liberal ideology. Bird number 3.

Obama gives the Democrat-controlled Senate cover, concealing the fact that not one, but two House bills were sent to Harry Reid to solve the problem. Bird number 4.

House Republicans have just the right stone for killing those 4 birds simultaneously.

The ‘sequester’ stone.

BlueCollar suggested in previous blogs that Obama should be forced to make the necessary and reasonable spending cut decisions on non-essential programs. (Solyndra, anyone?)

Now a noted strategist has written an article suggesting the same thing.

The House can pass a simple, sequester-specific bill assigning Obama the task of identifying exactly where the spending cuts should be made.

OMG – Forced to ‘govern’…! (Bird 1)

Can’t blame Republicans for the choices he has to make…! (Bird 2)

Avoiding Liberal program cuts exposes ideology; or, making cuts to Liberal programs enrages the Liberal base…! (Bird 3)

That House bill must be passed by the Democrat-controlled Senate…! (Bird 4)

(See…we told you…he won’t act like a President, so force him to…)

Now that’s a stone worth romancing…!

Hey…catchy title for a movie…”Romancing the Sequester Stone”…

Where’s Michael Douglas when you need him?



Look at the bright side of the ‘s’ word…

Logic is a beautiful thing.

If Obama’s $900 billion+ government stimulus spending spree resulted in our losing 8.5 million jobs in the private sector

…isn’t it logical that the reverse – an $85 billion cut in government spending – would create 850,000 jobs, exponentially? Sequestration could be a sweet deal…

If government spending increases got us into this job-loss mess, government spending decreases should get us out of the mess…

Just asking…?

Witness a bully pulpit conversion…to a Liar’s Pulpit

Rose D takes exception to our comparison of Obama sequestration threats targeting the most vulnerable Americans, to Timothy McVeigh’s targeting of innocent government workers and children in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Harsh? Maybe, but here’s irrefutable fact: House Republicans passed 2 bills alleviating the ‘across-the-board’ cuts Obama is threatening…the Democrat Senate buried them.

(HR 5652 May 2012, HR 6684 December 2012)

So, when Obama now threatens the most vulnerable, he does so with full knowledge that his Democrat cohort refused to lessen the blow of ‘meat cleaver’ budgeting.

That means he’s not just a liar, but a cruel and vicious one at that. This goes beyond the usual give-&-take of party politics…he’s turning Americans into his human shields.

And the bully pulpit preserved for him by the media, he’s turned into a Liar’s Pulpit.

Aided by mainstream media, Obama takes abuse of power to dizzying new heights.

Without his CNN-NBC-CBS-ABC-NY Times lapdogs…he wouldn’t even be a good liar.

Hey Rush…what if Cooper was comparing his glorious leader to McVeigh…?

On his Thursday show, Rush Limbaugh blasted a journalist for bringing up the sequester in the context of the Oklahoma City bombing, as if by comparison.

Rush ridicules the effort in defense of the GOP, as he sees the article to be a sideslap against House Republicans (tarred with the same Tim McVeigh brush, so to speak).

BlueCollar would (humbly) suggest Rush may have missed a glaring point…

Those government workers and kids in the Oklahoma City building were innocent.

So, think of this…even if the Obama-made sequestration involved spending cuts (which it doesn’t), what manner of leader would allow such ‘cuts’ to hurt the most vulnerable?

Obama’s the one deciding where in the budget to apply the ‘meat cleaver’. And, since even the feds admit it only amounts to about $44bn this year (out of $3.555tn, equalling 1.2 cents of every dollar), we’re talking a ‘meat cleaver’ the size of a gnat’s wing.

So the next time you hear Obama warn that sequester cuts mean little kids go hungry, huge job losses, & the elderly lose their healthcare…remember who applied the cleaver! Against the most vulnerable and innocent…

Barack ‘McVeigh’ O’bomber…

That National Journal writer was closer to the point than Rush knew…!



The real story is how this is such a non-story….

Headlines you won’t see on Obama’s sequestration…:

1) Mommy…you didn’t raise my allowance as much as I wanted…!

2) Honey…we (only) shrunk a spending increase!

3) Don’t worry…less government spending means more economic growth.

4) With sequester, this year’s spending still more than last year.

5) Why can’t Harry legislate?

…for all the obvious reasons…


(Non)problem solved…BlueCollar style…

BlueCollar to the rescue!

Obama wrings his hands and gnashes teeth, wailing over ‘painful’ spending cuts he laid out in his sequestration proposal.

Journalistic malpractice has perpetuated Obama’s manufactured crisis, and hidden the fact that there are no ‘spending cuts’…simply a lowered spending growth.

The mainstream media also hides the fact that the House of Representatives passed not 1, but 2 bills that offer common-sense alternatives to Obama’s sequestration.

HR 5652 Sequester Replacement Reconciliation Act of 2012 passed May 10, 2012.

HR 6684 Spending Reduction Act of 2012 passed December 20, 2012.

Not reporting these facts serve to conceal Democrat Senate intransigence. Harry Reid refuses to bring those House bills up for consideration, abetted by a deceitful media.

So how do you solve a non-problem, Obama-manufactured crisis?

BCP has the answer…just hide Fed Ben Bernanke’s checkbook for a month.

He’s been writing an $85 billion check every month in a bond-buying effort to keep US interest rates low. Some say it should be scaled back anyway, to avoid inflation.

Hide the Federal Reserve’s checkbook so Bernanke can’t write the March check, and it becomes ‘one small step’ to ease inflation fears…

…and ‘one giant leap’ to quell Obama’s crocodile tears.

(Don’t worry Ben, we’re sure your checkbook will be found by April.)

Has Drudge joined Commander O’Panic and his minion horde human-shields?

NEWSFLASH! Obama’s team threatens to add 800,000 federal civilian Pentagon jobs to the underemployed ranks, by furloughing them 1 day a week through September.

Meanwhile, a search for objective journalism has resulted in failure…even on the much-revered Drudge Report!!

On that website, under a photo of Obama, is the headline “800,000 Pentagon Layoffs”.

Message to Matt Drudge…Obama has enough help from ABC-CBS-NBC-CNN…why would you be assisting with such a misleading headline?

Panetta advised ‘furloughs’…that means employees would work 4 days a week, not 5.

What part of that is a ‘Layoff’, Matt?

Obama forced his sequestration format down Republicans throats over a year ago, yet now, using Emergency Responders as backdrops, demagogues against his own plan!

Even the premise is flawed: there’s no ‘spending cut’! It’s a partial reduction in growth!

But the media plays along, and now gets a boost from, of all places, Drudge.

Lost in all the Obama sequestration-hysteria is a simple fact…this is an Obama-manufactured crisis…even CNN knows that, and admits it publicly.

Why isn’t THAT link on your website, Matt?

Save your panic-button pushing, people – it’s about to get much worse.

PREDICTION – Obama and media minions have veiled the underemployed for 4 years in reporting the unemployment numbers…pre-election, it wasn’t a good optic.

But now, post-election, with this latest Pentagon-worker furlough, that percentage of underemployed is about to climb, and you can bet it will become public in a big way…

…’cuz now, Obama can try to use this as a sledgehammer against the GOP.

You gonna help him with that too, Matt?