Has Drudge joined Commander O’Panic and his minion horde human-shields?

NEWSFLASH! Obama’s team threatens to add 800,000 federal civilian Pentagon jobs to the underemployed ranks, by furloughing them 1 day a week through September.

Meanwhile, a search for objective journalism has resulted in failure…even on the much-revered Drudge Report!!

On that website, under a photo of Obama, is the headline “800,000 Pentagon Layoffs”.

Message to Matt Drudge…Obama has enough help from ABC-CBS-NBC-CNN…why would you be assisting with such a misleading headline?

Panetta advised ‘furloughs’…that means employees would work 4 days a week, not 5.

What part of that is a ‘Layoff’, Matt?

Obama forced his sequestration format down Republicans throats over a year ago, yet now, using Emergency Responders as backdrops, demagogues against his own plan!

Even the premise is flawed: there’s no ‘spending cut’! It’s a partial reduction in growth!

But the media plays along, and now gets a boost from, of all places, Drudge.

Lost in all the Obama sequestration-hysteria is a simple fact…this is an Obama-manufactured crisis…even CNN knows that, and admits it publicly.

Why isn’t THAT link on your website, Matt?

Save your panic-button pushing, people – it’s about to get much worse.

PREDICTION – Obama and media minions have veiled the underemployed for 4 years in reporting the unemployment numbers…pre-election, it wasn’t a good optic.

But now, post-election, with this latest Pentagon-worker furlough, that percentage of underemployed is about to climb, and you can bet it will become public in a big way…

…’cuz now, Obama can try to use this as a sledgehammer against the GOP.

You gonna help him with that too, Matt?

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