(Non)problem solved…BlueCollar style…

BlueCollar to the rescue!

Obama wrings his hands and gnashes teeth, wailing over ‘painful’ spending cuts he laid out in his sequestration proposal.

Journalistic malpractice has perpetuated Obama’s manufactured crisis, and hidden the fact that there are no ‘spending cuts’…simply a lowered spending growth.

The mainstream media also hides the fact that the House of Representatives passed not 1, but 2 bills that offer common-sense alternatives to Obama’s sequestration.

HR 5652 Sequester Replacement Reconciliation Act of 2012 passed May 10, 2012.

HR 6684 Spending Reduction Act of 2012 passed December 20, 2012.

Not reporting these facts serve to conceal Democrat Senate intransigence. Harry Reid refuses to bring those House bills up for consideration, abetted by a deceitful media.

So how do you solve a non-problem, Obama-manufactured crisis?

BCP has the answer…just hide Fed Ben Bernanke’s checkbook for a month.

He’s been writing an $85 billion check every month in a bond-buying effort to keep US interest rates low. Some say it should be scaled back anyway, to avoid inflation.

Hide the Federal Reserve’s checkbook so Bernanke can’t write the March check, and it becomes ‘one small step’ to ease inflation fears…

…and ‘one giant leap’ to quell Obama’s crocodile tears.

(Don’t worry Ben, we’re sure your checkbook will be found by April.)

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