Witness a bully pulpit conversion…to a Liar’s Pulpit

Rose D takes exception to our comparison of Obama sequestration threats targeting the most vulnerable Americans, to Timothy McVeigh’s targeting of innocent government workers and children in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Harsh? Maybe, but here’s irrefutable fact: House Republicans passed 2 bills alleviating the ‘across-the-board’ cuts Obama is threatening…the Democrat Senate buried them.

(HR 5652 May 2012, HR 6684 December 2012)

So, when Obama now threatens the most vulnerable, he does so with full knowledge that his Democrat cohort refused to lessen the blow of ‘meat cleaver’ budgeting.

That means he’s not just a liar, but a cruel and vicious one at that. This goes beyond the usual give-&-take of party politics…he’s turning Americans into his human shields.

And the bully pulpit preserved for him by the media, he’s turned into a Liar’s Pulpit.

Aided by mainstream media, Obama takes abuse of power to dizzying new heights.

Without his CNN-NBC-CBS-ABC-NY Times lapdogs…he wouldn’t even be a good liar.

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