Hey Rush…what if Cooper was comparing his glorious leader to McVeigh…?

On his Thursday show, Rush Limbaugh blasted a journalist for bringing up the sequester in the context of the Oklahoma City bombing, as if by comparison.

Rush ridicules the effort in defense of the GOP, as he sees the article to be a sideslap against House Republicans (tarred with the same Tim McVeigh brush, so to speak).

BlueCollar would (humbly) suggest Rush may have missed a glaring point…

Those government workers and kids in the Oklahoma City building were innocent.

So, think of this…even if the Obama-made sequestration involved spending cuts (which it doesn’t), what manner of leader would allow such ‘cuts’ to hurt the most vulnerable?

Obama’s the one deciding where in the budget to apply the ‘meat cleaver’. And, since even the feds admit it only amounts to about $44bn this year (out of $3.555tn, equalling 1.2 cents of every dollar), we’re talking a ‘meat cleaver’ the size of a gnat’s wing.

So the next time you hear Obama warn that sequester cuts mean little kids go hungry, huge job losses, & the elderly lose their healthcare…remember who applied the cleaver! Against the most vulnerable and innocent…

Barack ‘McVeigh’ O’bomber…

That National Journal writer was closer to the point than Rush knew…!



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